1. Hunty2198

    CLS 63 AMG remap

    Will a remap give me any better performance than i already have? I also want to get the limiter removed. I've heard of superchips but would it make any difference to a naturally aspirated engine?
  2. S

    superchip or not

    hi guys,would it be worth putting a superchip on my w210 e300 td 99s or not just think its lacking a bit of umph or will i mess up the ecr,otherwise car runs great,cheers
  3. V

    Angel Tuning My Mercedes C220 CDI - Need another car to partner up with!

    Hi guys, Decided to up the pace a little on my 2006 C220 CDI '143' and want to hand it to Angel Tuning in Banbury for their remap - the cost works out at £275.00 or so for 1 car, but this drops to £200.00 per car assuming 2 are booked in at the same time. If any of you guys are...
  4. W

    To superchip or alternative?

    Hi, I am looking to get our C220 diesel automatic (143bhp) chipped. Should I goto a local superchip dealer and have a super chip fitted (cost £499) or one alternative is here: They said Hi Paul We can offer...
  5. pdwhiteside

    C270Cdi Superchip

    I had my C270CDi Superchipped in 2004 and the car is shortly going back to the lease company. I have 2 options. Either leave the chip in place when the car goes back because it will go straight to an auction and be sold. Or I remove the chip and replace the original chip. The second...
  6. Pietre

    Superchip on E280

    What can I expect if I fit a superchip to my E280 (apart from a hole in my wallet). I am told from my local superchip franchise that i will see loads more power and better economy, but i have never found the two to go together. Can someone give me an unbiased opinion. I drive 60 miles a day on...
  7. ChrissyBoy

    Superchip or not to superchip

    I've been reading superchip's claims on how they can improve performance on my E270CDI - apparently BHP increases to 196, with torque improvements in the order of +> 100nm! Has anyone got any experience of these products? Also, how do you think it might affect a) the MB warranty and b) my...
  8. Gizmo750

    SuperChip question

    Hi All, Well, several questions actually. I have done a search and it seems that a few of you guys have fitted a Superchip (mainly to diesels though). So: 1. Is it worth the money to get on fitted to my CLK320 (looking for a little more performance) 2. Is there a preferred make I should...
  9. M

    Superchip For Mb Cdi

    Having driven my wifes ML 270CDi On & off for a couple of months now, I am missing the power of a petrol Merc! Has anyone had any experience of Superchipping a Merc diesel to improve BHP Torque. :D
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