1. kam05

    Courtsey cars supplied by MB dealers

    I'm currently in a 65 plate C220cdi SE supplied by my local MB dealer as mine is in for repairs at the moment. Is it just my local MB dealer or is it all MB dealers...the courtesy car I have been given is poorly maintained. I get it that the car I have been given is a courtesy car with will...
  2. gbjeppm

    What to do next after wrong part supplied?

    Hi All, Would appreciate your thoughts on what to do next. I bought a new clutch from a certain online motor factor, using the car registration number. When i picked it up I asked them to check that it was the right part for the car. Its for a 2000 E39 BMW, that my son owns. So a BMW clutch...
  3. B

    W219 CLS supplied with faulty aux input from factory?

    I've bought a 2009 CLS recently and attempted to install DAB using the aux input. The results were literally very one sided. I blamed the DAB unit (SmartDAB) and returned it for replacement. The second was had the same issue so, using various leads and some apps on my phone, I established the...
  4. M

    MB supplied new battery for E211 320cdi - price

    Got a qoute for MB to replace my battery ..£254 fitted :doh: ..Lucky the garage I bought the car from is picking up the tab :bannana:
  5. harveymoo

    used parts supplied wrong

    anyone had any experiance of an oldham based used parts supplyer , iv just recieved the wrong part ( Kompressor) after stressing that i needed one with an electromagnetic clutch type pulley (1st off tried to buy the pulley only), i get one with a fixed pully, phone them and hit a brick wall, not...
  6. A

    2007 E320 v5 Comand DVD supplied

    My friend fairly recently purchased a 2007 E320 and it only came with a v5.0 comand dvd disk. I thought that v6 came out in Jan/Feb 2007, so should it have had at least a v6.x disk? I'm guessing that someone may have swapped it at the dealer and hoped nobody would notice. :eek:
  7. Stratman

    Comand units supplied and fitted

    Here I haven't tried it yet, but it might be worth a look especially with the warranty.
  8. C

    EU Supplied Imports - A good buy??

    I'm currently searching for a 2003-ish SL350 or SL500 and keep seeing new and secondhand eu-supplied imports for sale at markedly below the uk supplied equivalent. For example Hondas-uk are selling brand new SL350s at £9k below list! Is this the bargain it seems or does the old saying "if it...
  9. Richard W

    Alpin Tuning Box for sale (DMS supplied)

    I have an Alpin Tuning box, originally supplied by DMS, for sale. DMS Automotive It was fitted to a 2000 W reg W202 220 CDi and I understand it will fit other models. Rob at DMS should have the information if you're interested and have a different car. The box transformed my car with...
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