1. S

    Beware of on-line parts supplier

    I need some rear brake components for my Merc E350, did the usual research on which brands are used by Mercedes themselves and then looked for an on-line seller. I came upon "", they showed an excellent choice of products from the best German OEM's, free delivery etc and...
  2. clk320x

    LED number plate light supplier

    I have practically given up on LED number plate lights now. Every set I have got have given me errors... really annoying :wallbash: Anyone know of anyone supplying appropriate ones which are error free? Cheers Abs
  3. developer

    Gaming PC Supplier Recommendations Please

    My youngest wants to build a gaming PC - budget c£1K. He has a spec and is looking at ebuyer and PC Parts Picker. Where else might he try, to get the best component prices? Thanks.
  4. W

    clips part number or supplier

    Hi Guys, I have a mercedes C Class W203 Estate, I am searching for the plastic clips that retain the trim on the inside of the tailgate. I see there are many after market clips available but many give the original part number as reference. Where to get the part number? Any suggestions...
  5. J

    W124 Sills best supplier not Benz?

    Just wondered if anybody could suggest the best quality pattern parts of full sills for a W124 4 door saloon? I have the dreaded jacking point Grot and although you can get plates for these from Germany by the time you have bought 4 and payed shipping it runs expensive :( We all know pattern...
  6. B

    Feedback on parts supplier

    Has anyone used from from Optimal AG? My independent shop only has their rear brake rotors in stock. I've never heard of them. Home Thx! Byas
  7. Celicasaur

    W124 cabriolet hydraulic hood seals supplier in UK?

    Hi guys, what's the general direction that you guys take when the seals in the soft-top hood rams fail? Do you guys buy new from the dealer, or do you get them rebuilt? If so, where/whom can do the rebuild of the rams in the UK? I've managed to find Top Hydraulics | Rebuilt and Upgraded...
  8. H

    Retro Fit Heated Seats - Supplier Reviews

    Hello All, I have a 2012 face lift W204 C250, The car has leather seats which are partially electric but came from the factory without heated seats. I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations/experiences with suppliers and/or installers of retro fit heated seats. I did a quick...
  9. A

    URGENT - Arnott Air Sping Supplier

    Hi all, I am in desperate need of a supplier for some Arnott Rear Air Springs for my W211 E55 AMG. I bought some from HIDS-Direct on Sunday with Special delivery, still haven't received them so checked my order status and it has been Declined, even though they took my money!! Does...
  10. A

    W123 parts supplier recommendation (radiator)

    Hi, I need a new radiator and water pump for my 240d, I'd prefer a Behr but can't anyone point me in the right direction to source them? Ideally someone who stocks them? Tried Mercedes but the pump is £180 exchange. Thanks
  11. pstock

    UK supplier ? and plugs (NOT 5 or 13 Amp )

    I am looking to do a full service on my 2001 CL500 including the spark plugs, 2 questions :o What spark plugs are generally recommended ? Is there a UK supplier for one of these ? (see below) ps i have the 5 litre M113 engine Any help would be greatly...
  12. S

    Bi xenon w203 supplier

    Afternoon. I'm Looking for a pair of aftermarket Bi Xenon headlights, my 2002 C270 currently has std halogen units. I have found units on eBay and Amazon but most are from America and will be lhd and the other set I found are in Australia and shipping is a bit steep. Are there any UK...
  13. whitenemesis

    Michelin Applies to be F1 Tyre supplier.

    With a proposed move to 18" wheels. Could be interesting, although Bernie is very much against Michelin joining saying they would produce rock hard tyres you put on in January and remove in December! Michelin applies to become official tyre supplier of Formula 1 | FORMULA 1 news |...
  14. 6

    Fuel cut off solenoid 190 - supplier required

    As the title really . I need a supplier of the fuel cut off switch from the bottom of a pier burg 175cd carb please Thanks in advance
  15. LowMilerAMG

    Recaro W124 Mushroom Leather Supplier

    Hi everyone, just trying to get a couple of front Recaro seats re trimmed and my trimmers are having trouble getting a close match to the original leather. Anybody know of a manufacturer that has a leather colour that is as close as factory? Any leads would be much appreciated.
  16. moonloops

    Found a cheap tyre supplier

    Sounds like tyres come from Germany (I've bought from Germany loads of times without issues). Some of the pricing looks fab. Just need to factor in local fitting costs. example: Goodyear Eagle 2 @ £70.69 (free delivery) - compared to locally fitted best price £119 where I am.. Tyre Leader ...
  17. cheffy

    Garage Floor Paint - Supplier Complaint

    I've recently painted my garage floor, finished about 2 weeks ago, I chose to go down the two part epoxy route, which is fine, except it took 10 / 11 L for the first coat, while 5 or so should have done it ! its a 6 x 6m double garage, so I had to order another 5L, not cheap I hasten to add. I...
  18. BigChap

    C63 carbon diffuser supplier?

    Thinking of getting one (preface lift), going to go for the type similar to the original style, possibly with larger fins, anyone recommend one? Plenty on eBay but weary of fit and postal damage from Taiwan etc. I see a few people mention rebellion but I can't see any pics or prices on their...
  19. felacs

    Good parts supplier ?

    I guess this is best place to ask where do people buy there mbz parts online are there good places to buy from online what are your recomendations ? i am looking as well for a full recon kit for a turbo i want to rebuild any advice pls cheers
  20. ayhan

    Reliable Ebay Parts supplier for my 1992 600SEL

    Hi comrades, Judging by your previous experiences I think you can maybe recommend me a ebay part seller, car dismentlar specific for my gen1 600 V12. Thanks in advance Ayhan
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