1. AMGeed

    Energy suppliers

    My 12month fixed price deal for Gas and Electricity with Sainsbury Energy runs out end of Aug and the increase to stay with them is driving me away. There are so many other suppliers out there I wonder if anyone has any pro's and cons for any particular company? I'm being swayed by a fixed...
  2. reflexboy

    Parts suppliers

    Hi-I'm after the best price I can get a couple of parts for. The best I can get is from Inchcape Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape, but was wondering if anyone either sells or knows a cheaper supplier for A1724005800 and B66850788? I currently have prices of £232 and £66 respectively Thanks in...
  3. Fha772

    W123 UK body panel suppliers?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy w123 new repair panels in the UK? Or, any breakers who might supply good used body panels? Cheers Frank.
  4. H

    W123 front wing suppliers

    Hi looking for good fitting w123 front wings can anyone recommend Thanks
  5. Maurauth

    VÄTH - Experiences / UK Suppliers / Prices?

    Hi, I don't suppose any of you guys have had any dealings with VÄTH? On my quest for the perfect exhaust system for my SLK 250 I've come across their systems online, unfortunately they don't list prices and there's not very many high quality videos on YT. I've emailed but not had a...
  6. guydewdney

    custom knitting / crotchet suppliers? alibaba? help!

    anyone got any pointers on getting a custom design made in crotchet or knitting yarn? Need probably 1000 "jumpers" (but not actually jumpers, but thats the size scale and rough shape) ?
  7. Satch

    Halfords’ suppliers seek legal advice over funding demand

    I have no love for Halfords at the best of times. Even without such actions being potentially illegal, this is particularly offensive behaviour: "The retailer recently sent letters to its suppliers asking them to pay up to 10pc of their annual sales with Halfords to help fund the...
  8. astamir

    automotive leather suppliers

    hi guys done a bit of diy tuning on my w208 clk55 interior wanted to share the pics and hear what you think also looking for a leather suppliers in london or around london thinking of doing some work on the door cards, floor carpets and sealing thanks in advance guys
  9. grober

    Mercedes B class suppliers

    Who makes the B class - the answers. unfortunately no mention of the panoramic sunroof. :doh:
  10. P

    New Trim

    I was just wondering if it is possible to get either cream leather, black leather or carbon fiber trim (ie center console, radio surround etc.) for the W203 C180? Any help with UK suppliers or foreign suppliers who ship to the UK would be much appreciated. I don't know if this is the section...
  11. grober

    OBD scanner suppliers

    Lots of posts on these over the years, but a friend of mine is looking for a mid range OBD 2 code reader for his VW [ Possibly a VS450?] lots available on Ebay etc but he prefers buying from someone in the UK with an address. Doesn't want the bluetooth/android phone type. Someone mentioned...
  12. Gawdi

    W124 Exhaust Suppliers

    The back box fell off my 300D this morning so I need a new one. Europarts seem to be out of stock, apart from expensive ones... are there any other suppliers I could try?
  13. grober

    W204 COUPE Suppliers

    Courtesy of automotive news and HaydnM :thumb: link to the original
  14. Harrythedog

    Suppliers of left handed threaded bolts

    Does anyone know any suppliers of the above. The size is M6 x 42mm and they must be stainless steel and left handed thread. I have been quoted £2.56 each but I'm not sure if that's the going rate or not
  15. zappa

    W123 parts suppliers..

    Just a question for all those in the know, I've been trawling the various suppliers online for new replacement parts to get an idea of quality and prices, and came across a place called PFS (parts for mercedes), they claim their parts are german made and have a 2 year warranty, made to oem...
  16. MOR8A

    Does anyone know of any ''high quality'' or unusual number plate suppliers?

    Just thinking about a number plate change and would like something of a really good quality or something a bit chav tat or odd lettering just top quality if you see what I mean. I like my plates plain and simple with nothing else other than the reg number on them. I know about...
  17. S

    Tyre Rating and Suppliers

    My E250 Coupe has a slow puncture that may need the tyre replaced. It has Continental 255/35R/18 tyres on it with a rating of 94Y. I have had difficulty getting one of these locally and the usual tyre centres are not confident of getting one soon. I notice online some of the other brands...
  18. P

    Suppliers of replacement panels for w124 E220

    Hi can anyone suggest a supplier for replacement front wings for my 95 E220 Estate. tried Euro panel but they are bottomed out. Just about to order new discs pads and hoses for front and rear from MB specialists international too and its a heafty bill, so any advice on suppliers for them...
  19. W

    2004 W220 S55k brake discs - any decent suppliers?

    Hi Im looking for front nrake discs on my 2004 S55 Kompressor and willy nilly i just went to the MB parts department and asked for a price. After searching the computer he said its ONLY £565.00 for the pair. :eek: Im pretty sure i collapsed and fainted because when i came back around he was...
  20. MB-BTurbo

    What suppliers does Mercedes use?

    I dont know if it is for across the range but Im more interested in the B class. Do you know who makes their; Suspension - shocks, springs Brakes - pads, discs Radio/CD - head units, speakers etc... I may be completely wrong but I read somewhere that Bilstein make the suspension units...
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