1. C

    Lumber support 2008 s class ??

    I want to buy a 2008 S class. The seats have a lumber support that goes in and out. Does the lumber support adjust up and down as well ? Many thanks
  2. DaleB

    500E Air filter cover support post

    Hi all, Anyone know the part number for the support post at the rear of the engine (M119) that the filter housing clips to. There's two of the with a central rubber section bonded to threaded posts that screw into the valve covers Cheers Dale
  3. B

    MB Map Pilot and the MB bullsh!t customer service support

    Car is a October 2016 registered C Class which I updated the Garmin Map Pilot software on 9th February 2016 with 2015 maps. Since then there has been no updates. A couple of times in the past I have phoned up MB customer support to complain about major motorway junction alterations and...
  4. A

    Bonnet support kit - Pneumatic

    Hi, everybody, as I know there are no gas bonnet springs from the conveyor. I dont think it is good for MB car. Whether somebody tried kits produced by aftermarket parts producers? Im not sure if it is correct section of forum to post this. Need help form moderator. :dk:
  5. Sylvo

    Drivers seat Back Support

    I have an SL 1994, whilst the seats are very comfy I have recently had a lower back injury which is improving, but still a bit sore. I am taking the car on quite a long tour soon and wondered if anyone can recommend a seat support that may help for long drives. There are so many out there it...
  6. G

    Appalling support from Mercedes

    I am currently undergoing a black series conversion to my c63 coupe using all orig equip Over 9weeks ago we ordered a part for the inner arch and was given a 8week delivery date,not ideal but hey ho **** happens Delivery date has come and gone and no one between here and MUnich can give any...
  7. F

    w221 lumber support pump

    lumber support not working removed back panel in boot removed small black box remove pump striped down cleaned armature lightly oil bushes refit ok saved £325
  8. N

    W209 Lumbar Support Pump

    Hi, Looking for seat pump for W209 CLK. It doesn't need to be working, I just need to replace one of the small parts in mine.
  9. M

    Retrofitting lumbar support

    Hello. Just picked up a 2012 b class and was wondering if it's possible to get the 4 way lumbar control fitted to it on the driver/passenger seats. If it is would it be something a main dealer would do or would I have to find an independent to do it? Cheers
  10. st13phil

    Discount + Dealer Support

    OK, I've been looking at options for putting together the best deal on a new SLK55. Currently Mercedes-Benz are offering just over £9k as "Retailer Deposit Contribution" on a pcp deal. I also have a quote from Drive the Deal that represents just north of 16% discount on the spec I would be...
  11. W

    Used car buyers 'need more support'

    BBC News - Used car buyers 'need more support'
  12. S

    Viseeo MB4, IOS8 and No Viseeo Support

    Morning all, Anyone else with a Viseeo MB4 adapter and an iPhone running IOS8? Looks like bluetooth support is broken. Calls rarely connect properly, often you can answer but the phone disconnects from the adapter and ringing is very unpredictable. Not entirely sure who is to blame...
  13. XJguy

    Swapping out driveshaft support, question?

    I need to change my driveshaft center support. I would like to know if the bearing needs to replaced too? I see the bearing and the mount is sold separately. As far as I know the bearing is still good its just the rubber mount that fell apart. Car has 103k miles. Also do I need to press out the...
  14. D

    Bonnet Support Struts W163

    Hello to all, new member here. Does anyone know the part number for the bonnet support gas struts on a 2003 ML270 W163 please? Mine are getting very tired, and as a follicly challenged man it's beginning to hurt having the bonnet resting on by head while checking the oil! Many thanks.
  15. S

    Prop Center Support Bearing W163 ML

    I need a drive shaft centre support bearing for my ML270. I did a search on ebay and two UK suppliers offered this bearing at a decent price, both being German manufactured, or supposedly. On further investigation one was made in china, the second was of inferior quality, so both these are out...
  16. A

    C63 Lumbar Support

    First of all, hi to everybody here, I've just joined and this is my first post, so apologies if this has been covered before but I did try a search, which returned a few similar issues but no mention of a solution :( Basically I've recently bought a 2008 C63, and have noticed neither of the...
  17. developer

    Help On The Railways For People Who Need Extra Support

    Has anyone got any experience of asking the railway/train operator for specific journey help, i.e. at the station/on the train, where the passenger needs additional support (non physical). I can ring tomorrow, but arrangements are being made now, so I thought I'd ask at the knowledge font.
  18. V

    Lumbar Support

    My new cars passenger seat Lumbar support buttons don't work but drivers does. Not a major drama but if its a quick fix that would be a bonus. I guess electrical? I will check the fuses today. CLK 2006
  19. J

    SLK 320 Front stiffener & radiator support

    First time poster... Just got a 2002 SLK 320. Looks like someone tried to tow the car from the front stiffener and ripped the left side clean through. Want to DIY replace but need some advice. Can the job be done without welding? see pics... Thanks, Jim
  20. WLeg

    Outsourced IT Support

    Just digging / researching.... What does our esteemed membership think is reasonable to pay for out sourced IT Support - I am trying to find rates for both on-site and remote options, in Central London ? What qualities, certifications, experience, any other relevant factors do you look for...
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