1. Grovsie31

    Are C55's supposed to be this noisy on cold startup?

    Ive read a lot about cold start whining noise, which mine has, but it doesn't seem normal to me. First vid is from cold start, second vid is warmed up after 40 min drive. View My Video View My Video
  2. I

    CLK C209 220 CDI Sport - supposed to have runflats?

    So I've had my CLK (220CDI Sport with AMG pack) for about 4 months now after picking it up from a main dealer. I was told the car had run-flats when I bought it, and that was seemingly backed up by the lack of spare tyre and the fact that it has a run-flat indicator fitted. Anyway, I've just...
  3. G

    is my car supposed to have electric fold in mirrors????

    Is my 2003 Mercedes Benz c220 cdi se coupe supposed to have electric folding in mirrors?? If so how do i get them to work??? :p
  4. stevesey

    17" AMGs - How this supposed to work?

    One auction for three separate wheels! Could find youself bidding for a rear 8.5 against someone who wants a front 7.5. Just an advert really.
  5. pammy

    I thought we were supposed to love our kids...........

    .....not want to kill them :mad: :mad: :mad: I make no apology for not blanking out the number plate. I hope someone actually recognises it and realises what an utter idiot the woman driving the car is being. Not wearing seatbelts is one thing - but this behaviour beggars belief. They...
  6. F

    supposed to be one of the fastest cars around
  7. B

    Is MB coolant supposed to be clear yellow?

    Is MB coolant supposed to be clear yellow? It is this yellow ---> :crazy: Just checking... thanks! :)
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