1. S

    Toyota Supra - Talk to Me

    So, I'm finally (nearly) in the market for a Mk4 Toyota Supra after a stressful 6mth finding a good E55 for my dad. After rooting through a billion bull****ters from West London, Midlands and Bradford, I found a sweet 1 owner, low mileage E55K in Derbyshire. That car is now home and awaiting a...
  2. A

    The new toyo supra This looks awesome :cool: Love it:thumb:
  3. G

    Selling my Supra N/A 1995 Jspec SZ

    Hello guys, I am selling my beloved Supra, I have not had time to enjoy her ... however I need to sell it inorder to get some money for my new business start, plus some space for some new stock. I have uploaded her on ebay with some pictures. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Cheers Vasilis.
  4. whitenemesis

    Has anyone tried KUMHO 712 ECSTA SUPRA Tyres?

    Has anyone tried these Kumho tyres? KUMHO TYRES / CAR / KUMHO 712 ECSTA KUMHO SUPRA 712 - 225/40R18 88W TL :: £55.30 :: Car Tyres - MPV Tyres - People Carrier Tyres - 18" :: R18" - 225/40/18, 225/40 R 18 :: How do you rate them?
  5. P

    E55 AMG brakes on a Supra !

    hi guys wonder if anyone can help me, i have fitted a full set of 2003 > E55 (or SL, CLS etc) AMG to my Toyota Supra (sorry:crazy: ) but the amount of pedal effort needed for big stops is beyond my puny legs and i am not getting the best from this setup, does anyone know what the piston...
  6. aceg3905

    Wifes TT Supra

    less than 50,000 on the clock and still going strong mind we only put about 3000 a year on it.
  7. Maff

    RENNtech Mercedes S600 vs Single-turbo Supra (vid)

    Just for Mark300SL.... 11.6sec 1/4 mile for an S600 :D :D (620bhp) Click Me
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