1. Carrsey

    Wheely suprised..

    Looking to get my wheels refurbed. So got a quote from the wheel specialist in Manchester and they quoted £380, wasnt to impressed with that as when i have had wheels done before its been around £250-£280. Anyway popped in to my local MB dealer in Warrington for a different reason and...
  2. S

    Pleasantly suprised with my MPG in the C240

    Took a day out with friends yesterday to visit Beaulieu in Southampton. Swansea -> Southampton, Beaulieu for the day, quick visit to IKEA, and back home gave me some awesome MPG and i'm not empty yet! Cruise left it easy for me to cruise at 70 nearly all the day.. about 34mpg ish? Anyone know...
  3. A

    Anyone suprised at this? Eeek
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