1. EDZ649

    How suprising is this?

    Need to replace rear discs and pads on my E55 so thought I'd try GSF first of all. They quoted £44.50 + VAT for each disc and £19.85 for the pads. Discs were Brembo, not sure about the pads. Phoned MB and they quoted £39.60 + VAT for each disc and £34.50 + Vat for the pads. All genuine MB of...
  2. NormanB

    Amazing, nay suprising good value at LIDL

    Hi Now I do not work for LIDL.... Just happened to be passing etc etc but got there too late to snap up their bargain cordless drill (rude words here). ;) (The poor people must have snapped them all up :devil: ) To my surprise they were flogging a brand new 320 estate for very little...
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