1. Welby

    W211 front suspension rattle noise when driving over rough road surface

    Hi all Got the above which has appeared over recent weeks on the off side/driver's side. 118k miles on the E320 CDI 2006 V6. I've replaced before this both top and bottom ball joints on both front sides (last year with Lemforder units). Thought it was the wheel bearing as all other bits seem...
  2. edstrom76

    BNIB Microsoft Surface 3 4G LTE + Typecover + Tripmate Nano Auction finishes tomorrow night if you're interested.
  3. Charles Morgan

    Surface Processing or similar - experience or other recommendations?

    I've got a number of body panels that need a small amount of cosmetic rust removal and paint stripping (wings, boot lid, doors etc) and was thinking of using Surface Processing or similar for chemical stripping and treatment (the wings I'll then treat with seam sealant as they are known rot...
  4. mbzclk

    Microsoft Surface RT 32GB - Windows 8.1, Office 2013, Type Keyboard

    Hi For sale I have a lightly used and in perfect condition Microsoft Surface RT 32GB with Type Keyboard. Runs Windows 8.1 Update and Office 2013, Also will include the HDMI cable for it Comes with all boxes and packaging. £160 Cash on collection or + £10 for postage. Cheers.
  5. G

    Surface rust

    Hello I have a 2000 E320 which has some small amounts of surface rust around a wheel arch and by the front bumper, does anyone know of a mobile service in Devon that could fix it for me or a good body shop that won't cost a fortune ? Many Thanks. George
  6. WLeg

    MS Surface Pro

    128GB i5 Processor. With Keyboard, black. Small scratch on back of stand, otherwise 100%. Currently running Windows 8.1, but will revert to 8.0 when I reset it. Once new owner has registered it to a Microsoft Account, can be upgraded to Windows 8.1 RT (Free)..again.... I have...
  7. whizzkid11

    For Sale: Microsoft Surface PRO - 128Gb - Brand New

    Hi there, I am selling my Brand New MS Surface Pro Tablet - it is 128Gb, 10.6" with the i5 processor. Here are a couple links to it: •Surface Pro 128 Gb •MS Surface Pro Pictures attached. Price: £600 (RRP £799) Payment: BT or Cash on Collection (preferred)
  8. R

    Hydrophobic surface retest.

    Last week I hand polished my already quite shiny car with Zymol and then finished it with G Techniq C2. The Hydrophobic result was very pleasing. If you click the image below you will see the original result. As you know, I do a lot of miles and so after a week my car actually needs a...
  9. W210 Fan

    Surface CAD expertise needed for Sauber C9 project

    Hi guys, long time no speak, I am going to start building a Sauber C9 when I am debt free, hopefully later this year, however I am no surface modeller, which is stopping me finishing the body which i stopping me finishing the chassis, what I would really like is somebody to do the bodywork for...
  10. whitenemesis

    Should I black the inner surface of my alloys?

    Cleaning the inner rim surface of my alloys and I was thinking if they were painted black it wouldn't show the dirt/brake dust. Where the balance weights have been fixed and replaced it's looking tatty. Perhaps a refurb and a black finish would look good?
  11. Ade B

    Tyre roar and surface

    Coming back to London along the M27, M3 and M25 today I noticed a massive difference in road noise on different sorts of surface - not in itself surprising - but what surprised me was on the smooth stuff tyre roar was almost none existent, being lost in the background of wind/engine noise which...
  12. gurpz

    Microsoft Surface

    This is seriously worth checking out for all the computer fans and the technical minded Watch all three videos
  13. SilverSaloon

    replacing surface mounted fuse on tv tuner

    Hi a bit of general advice really; my tv tuner (in my bmw) has died. This was due to me being a numpty and putting the arial plug into the wrong socket... doh! The power doesnt flow now at all (ie unit appears dead as the unit has a fan which is no longer spinning. In a hope...
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