1. Coggers

    Scratch Surgeons Groupon deal

    Just spotted this deal on Groupon. If you've not heard of Groupon before it's a website that provides a place for companies to offer discounts. Car Service: De-Scratch, Paintwork Touch-Up and Polish For One (£14), Two (£24) or Four (£44) Panels at Scratch Surgeons (60% Off)...
  2. The Boss

    Any one know any Tree surgeons in Twickenham/Richmond area?

    Hi Any one know of any tree surgeons in Twickenham/Richmond area? please advise - private message or reply on thread :) thank youuu
  3. Steve_Perry

    OT: The latest training tools for plastic surgeons ;)

    Click Me to see how you do at reconstructive facial surgery. For those of a squeamish disposition, don't worry there's no blood involved. S.
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