1. The _Don

    Jules Bianchi undergoes surgery after Japanese Grand Prix crash
  2. C

    More SL surgery

    So the other day one of the seals between the external sill trim and the sill cover fell out. Why? Well basically because the bodyshop that resprayed my car last year for some reason chose to try and stick it in with some adhesive rather than use the proper clips. In fact the proper clips were...
  3. John

    Complications of heart surgery.

    After the recent death of an actor after 'complications during heart surgery' - is there any kind of investigation afterwards to find out what went wrong or is it just treated as 'one of those things'? In the police, should someone die the IPCC are involved and I wondered if there was...
  4. m2287

    Laser eye surgery

    Anyone else on here had it done? I had mine done yesterday with ultralase. Impressed doesnt even begin to describe...The whole procedure takes around 45 minutes from walking in to the building to walking out. 24 hours later and I have better than 20.20 vision!!!!!
  5. B

    w114 engine transplant surgery

    Hi, I have a 1975 280ce w114 and thinking of putting a 560sec engine and transmission in there has anyone got any technical advice regarding the crazy idea? Thanks
  6. Gollom

    Laser eye surgery at Optical Express

    Suzy Cute had this done on Thursday and wishes she had had it done years ago! No fuss, very short recovery time - went to a concert last night and the fact that her sight is now 20/20 increased her enjoyment a lot! It cost her £790 all in. If anybody is still a touch nervy feel free to drop a...
  7. 280gee

    Keyhole Surgery

    Well more like letterbox surgery really as Ollie expertly degutted the cats on my W210 in short order having made the required opening! (should be material for a few puns there) This was combined with fitting a new rear exhaust pipe and back box on the same visit. Results seem well worthwhile...
  8. grober

    R 129 SL 89-02 Door Surgery

    How to remove the door panel of a R129 pictorial how to.
  9. jimmy

    Major Surgery - Transplant

    Not strictly MB but the Smart is related and I thought some of you might be interested. Bought myself a new toy with a poorly engine, had to remove the engine and replace it with another that I had already reconditioned. Here is a Smart with the engine removed: This is the rebuilt...
  10. Koolvin

    OT: Plastic Surgery

    Anyone had plastic surgery? Can anyone reccomend any places in London that they might have been to or other people they know been to? I just want to remove a tattoo
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