1. A

    E63 5.5TT - light throttle surging

    Hi there, I've noticed that my 5.5TT has a mild to moderate tendancy to surging when on a constant throttle between about 1600 - 1800rpm. It makes the car feel jerkier and less refined than I'd like. I also noticed that on at least one occasion swapping from Shell to Tesco Momentum made...
  2. wu56Shoozz

    Vito Surging

    When I'm driving along I've noticed that the van appears to "Surge" by that I mean the feeling is very similar to lifting on and off the accelerator.. it only appears under load and not at idle.. at idle its perfect and it revs freely.. just this annoying surging..any ideas? :dk:
  3. jfhuk

    Surging and miss firing after MOT.

    My E350 was in for its MOT on Tuesday, which it passed. Since then though it's been surging and miss firing particularly when the engine is cold. I realise it could be a coincidence, but is there anything that the MOT could have done to cause this sort of issue? As prior to the test it was fine.
  4. C

    HELP 2004 E220 CDI W211 722.6 5-Speed Gearbox surging jerking shift issues

    I have a shift/gearbox problems which are really bad but ONLY when the car/gearbox is cold. When the car is warm, there are zero issues:confused: The problem is when I set off and the car accelerates and all seems okay but the first time I stop and set off again, the car starts to...
  5. S

    Engine surging on idle

    Hi my w140 s320 has an issue when idling. The engine idle seems to be a bit unstable-surging. Ive put new plugs leads & coils on. It runs way better than before but this surging issue seems to still be there. Cleanes maf no difference. On other forums people have menstioned ovp regulator/crank...
  6. C

    HELP 2004 E220 CDI W211 722.6 Gearbox surging jerking shift issues

    I have a shift/gear problem which is really bad in the morning when the car is cold. When I set off the car accelerates normally but seems to hold onto the gear then it will jolt into the next gear and start to surge like I'm on and off the accelerator? Same into the next gear up, again...
  7. RKC-benz

    Air con "surging" on W124

    He air is being used now that it's warm. It blows cold well enough but it seems to be making a sort of whistling "surging noise" .... It does it about every five seconds. Any experience here on the forum or am I on new ground with an original fault? Thanks in advance.
  8. y13pmc

    surging revs

    greetings my e320 cdi 04 has developed the revs surging up and down when cold when temp has been reached it runs fine any ideas folks regards pete
  9. sam-orr

    Mercedes W202 C200 surging...

    Hi guys, got any ideas on a W202 that surges badly in first and second but stops when its up to temperature? I'm stumped. It's a pain in the rear.
  10. D

    W202 c200 power surging

    I have just acquired a 1997 c200 manual and have a slight issue with it. It starts and runs fine in general but the power surges on and off throughout the rev range. Will pull too the limiter but throughout the revs the power delivery kinda feels on-off-on-off. Any ideas what it could be? Car...
  11. gt-83

    engine surging

    posted a couple of days ago about buying an old 260e with 216000 miles (turns out its nearly 220000), well i bought it and she really has been looked after with thousands spent attending to every problem, however, not the problem i have just discovered! on start up she runs at 1500 revs then...
  12. V

    2002 C Class Coupe 200K Cold Start Surging

    Ok, any pointers to the following problem 2002 C Class Coupe with 50,000 miles, Auto, Has just had a major, major service and also has just had a new Air Flow Sensor fitted. Problem...when the car is started from cold and put into gear the car will surge, ie revs dip and rise, dip and rise...
  13. OneCarefulOwner

    Slight surging at idle in gear, S124/M111

    My S124 is suffering from an intermittent surging at idle when in D/3/2/R; sometimes it'll settle nicely on 750rpm, other times it'll pump from 500 to 1200 and back, or higher if I put the shifter in N/P. When it's surging, sometimes revving past 3k will fix it, other times it'll keep doing it...
  14. S

    surging engine

    My Cdi seems to have developed the art of "surging" where on 2 occasions it has momentarily had a "power surge" making the car "jump". It seems to do it when cold. It does this only when cold. Co-incidentally the gearbox oil was changed on saturday but I doubt this would be to do with it.
  15. philiggy

    E300D surging on tickover

    My E300 diesel is surging on tickover, the more load I put on the worse it gets, so putting the lights on makes it do it slightly where as putting the air-con on make it surge up and down really badly. Is this electrical :confused: I've just changed the ovp relay, sadly that fault was hiding...
  16. C

    W124 E220 surging at idle

    I have an occasional surging problem with my E220 Cabriolet. It doesn't happen consistently but can be quite alarming. It occurs in the following circumstances :- a) When the car is warmed up and idling in traffic in "D". b) After engaging "R", again when the car is warmed up In both cases...
  17. B

    Diesel engine surging on E300D

    Hi all I have a problem with my E300D. The engine surges between 2,000 & 3,000 rpm whilst driving in traffic it feels like a solenoid switching on and off it is not there in acceleration nor deceleration just cruising disconnecting the vacuum pipe to the unit connected to the s/steel flexi pipe...
  18. aka$h

    Surging revs m104

    The revs when in idle initally surge from 500-1500rpm, and settle down after 30 seconds and will then only be between 500-700rpm. This is with a brand new MAS, prior to changing it the problem was not as bad, it did not surge so high initially but the problem was still present. I very much...
  19. P

    270 CDi rough idle and surging when selecting D

    Engine very rough at idle and rather than moving slowley when selecting D surges or judders. Fine when revs increased and driving normally. Tries Wynns injector cleaner which did reduce the surginging for about a week - can anyone offer advice ? mileage is 55K Bought this 4 months ago with 39K...
  20. K

    Surging Engine

    My 1995 C200 pulls unevenly especially when accelerating. It seems to accelerate well enough but the rate of acceleration slows down and then picks up, almost as if it is getting choked and then clears. It's not particularly prominent but its there. You can even see the tacho hesitate slightly...
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