1. F

    Surprise mpg for petrol E320

    Just got back from my hols. in Czech Republic, where I did about 2k. On the autobahn, I cruised at 90/100 mph where possible & the computer showed around 32 mpg, which was good. I found the most economical cruising speed was 80/85 mph where it showed 34mpg. Cruising around 70 only showed 30mpg...
  2. ChrisCLS55

    A pleasent surprise this morning...

    It was very frosty this morning here in the North East - waking up to ice and frosted everything. Cars, roads, pavements, grass etc. Walking to my car it become obvious some little git had written a message on the boot lid of it near the spoiler... I was thinking "Tosser" or "****er" heading...
  3. Ray1888

    Nice wee surprise in the post???

    Bought a cla 45 in November a used 14 plate and was told it had 1 years Mercedes used warranty,received 2 envelopes yesterday,1 had a warranty card and docs for 1 year to November 17,2nd envelope had warranty card and docs from November 2017 till November 2018,a result me thinks,2 years Merc...
  4. st13phil

    A Pleasant Surprise

    While we were on holiday in early September I checked my phone while relaxing in a bar(!) and found an email from the AMG Private Lounge offering a free draw for a giveaway. Filled in the form there and then and forgot all about it. Came home from work tonight to find a "While You Were Out"...
  5. iRadiate

    Eco Display Surprise

    Had a nice surprise on my eco display. I happened to max out all 3 segments and when that happened the display changed to highlight the fact.
  6. Scooby_Doo

    Well here's another surprise !

    My car was built on 2nd June and told by dealer that it was due with them on about 17th June with collection probably on Wed 22nd June. Had a call about 5.05 this afternoon to say the car will be with the dealer tomorrow and I can collect it this Friday morning . :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Express...
  7. Ted

    Well that was a surprise wasn't it?

    Vehicle tax collected fell £200m after paper discs axed - BBC News
  8. R

    Nice surprise

    Long story short, got taken to one side at work today by my boss - 'Quiet word please...'. Thought I was in the dog house. 'What are you doing May the ??'. Turns out he and a colleague 'won' a VIP day out to one of our suppliers factories for a manufacturing tour, lunch, and the afternoon at MB...
  9. The _Don

    Private number plate extend entitlement surprise!

    Went to extend my entitlement for a number plate I own this morning expecting to pay £25 per year, total cost to extend for ten years £0.00.
  10. Mike Walker

    Surprise this morning.......

    I was proceeding towards the M25 junction with the A127 early this morning when I saw a pink object in the distance. :eek: As I got closer a women in pink sports wear was running up the slip road and glided onto the M25 hard shoulder. Nearest junction going south is about 5 miles away:dk:
  11. Steve320

    No Great Surprise!
  12. lisa110rry

    A nice surprise...

    Last Saturday I gave my little toy car a nice vacuum inside, then fitted my new foot mats bought on eBay and was very pleased with them. Cleaned/conditioned the leather, and locked her up in advance of the stormy weather. Monday, home from work, another long flat parcel had been delivered...
  13. D

    Cars that surprise you.

    Have a hire car for the week, which was meant to be a Mondeo class car. Turned up to see a C-Max. Petulant faced me faced petulant hire company who offered my a Hyundi I40. Did not sound very tempting either. What a cracking car the C-Max is. Quiet, handles well, unfeasibly big inside...
  14. The Boss

    Surprise 60th Birthday party for my dad

    well it was on Sunday, along with mothers day, so wifey and I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party for him on Saturday eve.. and bring in the celebrations in from midnight... here are some snaps.. hope you enjoy and the cake...
  15. Skunkmonkey

    Surprise E350 and nightmare car collection scenario.

    Drove my business partner to pick up his C350 cgi coupe yesterday. The nightmare scenario occurred. It was the wrong colour! It was the lease company's fault, not the dealer and the dealer was very good and offered us an E350 cdi coupe as a loaner for the weekend while he considered his options...
  16. WDB124066

    Surprise for vintage car owner.......

    Nazi surprise for vintage car owner - Motoring - NZ Herald News
  17. neilz

    A nasty surprise

    Did Volvo really do this? So you have quite a nice looking car according to photo 1, but then you see the interior. Is this Volvo's doing or a mod by someone with no taste? Anyone like the colour of the interior? 2005 Volvo C70 T | eBay
  18. Howard

    If ever a headline came as no surprise ...

    Cross-atlantic naked pedalo attempt abandoned after 43 miles | World of Sport - Yahoo! :D
  19. I

    Pleasant surprise....

    Having heard all the horror stories about how much renewals were this year, I braced myself for a kicking and thought I'd be spending several hours on the telephone/net looking for a better deal. Renewal came today. £27.00 cheaper than last year, plus an extra £20.00 discount if I renew...
  20. Sp!ke

    Little mans surprise birthday present

    Yesterday I surprised my little lad by taking him for his first flying lesson (he's mad about flying). He had absolutely no idea we had this planned at all. Even when we were driving past the runway itself, he was asking if we could stop for five minutes so he could have a closer look...
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