1. camerafodder

    I'm surprised you missed this Grober!

    Given that you are our resident PR man of all things 'space travel' I'm appalled that this huge leap forward for mankind has been missed! pLxzPIu9-1o
  2. S

    Surprised at how nice an SLK230k is

    I bought a 2003, 56k mile SLK230 yesterday for my partner's birthday, which she loves. Driving it with her yesterday I was pleasantly surprised at what a well built, solid little thing it is. I know they have their rust issues (this one has been sorted so is good in that respect) but I'm really...
  3. E

    Why am i not surprised.....

    What more can i say.....yet another M.O.T pass:D ,so rewarded her with a clay/polish.
  4. Palmball

    Pleasantly surprised

    Insurance renewal is due and my confirmation from Admiral stated over £1,500 for the SLS. A little more than I expected, but I wasn't surprised. Until I did a Go Compare quote that came in at £840 :D Even better, when I rang them to accept the cheaper policy they sold me a multicar policy...
  5. alan1304

    Surprised, In a happy way.

    Hi Guys. Just got back from a weeks Camping Holiday in Southampton, and my faithful W202 behaved impeccably well. Towing a trailer with all our camping gear in it, carrying 4 adults and an eight berth tent with all the luggage that goes with, over the week she did 553.6 miles at an average of...
  6. Harrythedog

    E250, pleasantly surprised

    Been looking at a new car today insisting I want an E350 estate to replace my E320 S211. However I agreed a test drive in an E250 and was surprised at how quiet, comfortable and quick it was so now I'm widening my search. Anyone gone down to an E250? What's the change like? Mind you I wasn't...
  7. poormansporsche

    The Ole Girl surprised me a bit today :)

    Alright peeps, ive had my car for over 6 months now (prefacelift 202 C280) and ive never really given it any serious welly what with me now being a old fart. Anyway was waiting to turn right at a major crossroads today and just as I start to move off a car coming towards me decides to jump...
  8. J


    Hi all I posted in this section and the electronics section, I was surprised not to have any one come back with anything with regards srs front passenger air bag deactivation, for a child seat. I Know there must be a solution without going to a main stich up dealer. Just you guy's know just...
  9. ringway

    Speed Figures. Surprised if true answer is known

    When the 0-60mph figures are compiled how do they do it? The thing that puzzles me is: If an auto car has sport mode, do they use the sport mode when testing the 0-60 or not. My other car is a Vauxhall Omega 3.0V6 with sport mode box. I think the car reaches 0-60 quicker than the figures...
  10. T

    Quite surprised by my CLK 55 mpg !

    Recently been on a trip to buy a new car for the wife (merc of course) 400 miles round trip when we returned i was quite surprised to see what kind of mpg my clk 55 had down.:eek:
  11. sportyreptile

    Surprised? You betcha!

    Had to take the car to the garage today cos the brakes have been feeling a bit strange - noisy and a slight judder thru the peddle when braking hard. Found Stuttgart Garage in Pontypridd (just north of Cardiff), popped in this morning, the chap there, Kevin, checked it all over - work...
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