1. D

    Burmeister Surround Sound

    It must be me.... Every time I set my the Surround Sound to On or Off and then select which part of the car I want the sound to focus on eg.. left/right/middle it reverts to the middle setting after a few minutes. What am I doing wrong?
  2. GillyC63

    Removing Estate upper chrome window surround

    Hi all as title says does anyone know how to remove the upper chrome window trim on a w204 estate? I can unclip the trim all the way back to the rear quarter after that I can't see how to free the last bit Every link seems to be about removing a coupe's trim I can't find anything ref the estate...
  3. Modelmakerman

    W639 Windscreen seal/Rubber surround

    The rubber seal/surround on the windscreen of my W639 Viano has seen better days, so much so that the other day on the motorway it tried to remove itself! Anyone know where I can get a new one? Tried Googling it with no luck. Anyone know the MB part No?
  4. H

    ML55 Front fog light surround

    Hi, I'm after a front fog light surround for a ML55 Can anyone help
  5. Fidge

    Ignition switch surround

    Hi, the chrome ring around the ignition switch is very scratched and it lets the rest of the immaculate interior down. Is there anyway to replace it?
  6. M.A.94

    Kenwood DDX5015DAB surround

    This is a long shot but anyone got a surround for a kenwood ddx5015dab double din unit?
  7. anfieldassasin

    C124 ignition surround trim wanted

    Hey guys I need an unbroken ignition trim surround for. My 1988 300ce if anyone has one for sale pm me please.
  8. O

    Removing C63 AMG DRL surround

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has a guide to removing to chrome surround of my C63 DRL lights Is it a bumper off job or do they just pop off? Thanks
  9. optimusprime

    chrome head light surround W108

    Looking on my other forum a member as this chrome head light surround .The fittment is for the W108 .It will need chrome The price is £15 to your door .So If you need one please pm me for his number.
  10. poormansporsche

    Cutting new holes in radio surround - any tips ?

    Afternoon all, Im retrofitting heated seats and need to cut some holes for the switches - any tips as what to use / how best to do it as im dangerous with a dremmel ! cheers Brett P.s - I cant just buy another surround with the holes cut as ive already converted to double din and...
  11. lfckeeper

    W203 Steering Wheel Button surround

    Hello all New to the forum, long time stalker, decided to join to ask the following.... I have a 2005 W203 C180k, which I love, its immaculate, aside from one part. There are scratches where the steering wheel buttons are, is it possible to purchase a stick on cover/button surround for...
  12. Screwdriver

    W123: Shifter Surround in Black

    Wanted a surround that has cut outs for: 1) Power windows 2) Audio Fader 3) Power Mirror 4) Hazard light Must be black and with no cracks. PM with your offer. Thanks in advance!
  13. B

    W211 Rear split/fold seats - remove plastic trim surround

    Hi everyone, I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. The rear screen on my car has been replaced at some point and there are bits of broken glass in the rear seats (you can hear it when you swing the swing the seats down). It appears as though the glass must have got into the...
  14. dokalj

    w203/ w209 Hazard Switch Surround Trim (Silver/ Grey)

    As per the title. It is in reasonable condition, although has a couple of imperfections. It would be perfect, if someone was upgrading to the later style centre dash or wants to experiment with a wrap of some kind? (possibly carbon) No damage to rear clips/ screws guides. Price is...
  15. S

    W219 Instrument Cluster Glass Surround

    Is it possible to purchase new black plastic surrounds for the instrument cluster glass lenses? My cluster is suffering from power loss so have removed it to send away for repair but have noticed the clocks plastic surround is broken and the speedo and rev counter plastic is also breaking up...
  16. Sp!ke

    Denon AVR1910 surround sound system including speakers and sub

    I have downgraded to a soundbar for simplicity so have the following I will shortly be putting on ebay should no-one here be interested. It is a Denon AVR 1920 amp and receiver with 5.1 Jamo satellites and sub. Comes complete with the special Microphone to setup the sound stage and associated...
  17. N

    W208 Centre Console Surround

    Hi All, The surround on my centre console looks tatty, some of the leather is ripped on the edge. I have seen these come up for sale for the 209 CLK but never for a 208. Are there any around and is it hard to remove?
  18. P

    SLK 2001 auto gear lever surround

    Has anyone got one of the above in Bird's Eye Maple please? I managed to take a big chunk out of mine whilst removing it.
  19. C

    Speedometer Surround Removal Help

    Evening all. My C350 has an annoying rattle, which admittedly only happens on poor roads but I'm OCD so it annoys me :rolleyes:. It is coming from the black plastic surround that goes around the dash clocks. Not the best pic but basically the bit you can see above the steering wheel and...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    WIS Wanted - to remove CLS W219 central console/gear surround

    Anyone happen to have a copy please? :thumb:
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