1. benlucas

    AMG plate surrounds

    Old number plates were looking a bit shabby so I decided to order a new set. Wanted to customise them but wary that anything added to the actual plate would fail the MOT and risk me getting a tug. So, after a bit of searching I came across these MERCEDES AMG Autohaus Number Plate Surrounds X...
  2. F

    Number Plate surrounds

    Quite a few suppliers of the above on internet. Am looking to get some surrounds that would not be damaged by the quite sharp curve on front bumper of my car. And would hopefully, though unlikely, not require drilling of any sort. Thanks in advance
  3. P

    2009 W212 chrome fog light surrounds

    Hello! I've just bought my 3rd E-class, which is a E250 cdi SE 2009 with the twin fog lights on front. I've seen one in a video with chrome fog light surrounds, not the black plastic as on mine. Does anyone know if I can buy/swap mine for chrome? Any help is much appreciated! David
  4. G

    For Sale: OE Fog Light Surrounds - W169 2004-2008

    Following my recent DRL upgrade of the fog lights, for which I used brand new surrounds, I have for sale a pair of W169 Avantgarde Fog Light Surrounds. These are for the pre-facelift model, and will fit all trims - classic, elegance, avantgarde from 2004 till 2008. Came off an A200 Avantgarde...
  5. foxy1305

    Window surrounds

    Posted here on advice On an 08 e class sport the black gloss trims at the bottom of the side windows is discolouring. They have taken on the look of an 'oil slick'. Any ideas of how these can be cleaned/renovated
  6. foxy1305

    Windoww surrounds

    On an 08 e class sport the black gloss trims at the bottom of the side windows is discolouring. They have taken on the look of an 'oil slick'. Any ideas of how these can be cleaned/renovated Thanks
  7. BIG_G_1979

    number plate surrounds

    Got these today think there nice and suiting.
  8. brucemillar

    C55 front fog mesh surrounds

    Folks Mrs M was hit by a mobile multi-storey car park kerb whilst parking the C55 front end onto kerb. Both front fog light mesh trims popped out. the NS one got flattened when it fell out on the drive home and OS one is still relatively intact. Q. Looking on ebay, I will have to...
  9. M

    CLS de-chromed window surrounds

    Hi guys, Whats your opinion on this? I had a big roll of black vinyal in the garage and nothing to do on my day off work, so wondered how the CLS would look by trying to tame down the blingy chrome around the windows. I'm still undecided. With it just being vinyal I can peel it off no...
  10. D

    w123 back windows plastic surrounds in biege if possible

    these are trims where the electric switch slots into so that it can fit into the door card, biege is good but any colour will do for now!!. it might be the same as in w126 but not seen one recently to confirm.
  11. Baron_Samedi

    Door Pin Surrounds

    Hi Everyone, Does Anyone know or can find out the part number for chrome door pin surrounds that would fit a CLK? Presuming of course they exist :-) Ta
  12. Geezer

    Chrome Light Surrounds

    What's the verdict on these and these ? Are they really chrome and not plastic? I understand they stick on - how reliable is this? I can get front and back for £95 delivered but that still seems a bit steep. Are they cheaper elsewhere? Thanks
  13. NW_Merc

    Chrome Door pin surrounds
  14. P

    Wing mirror surrounds !

    Some tosser hit mine outside McDonalds and then shot off in their car before I got out there (and before I got the reg as well). Looks like wing mirror surround is shot. Dare I ask how much the dealer will charge for a new one ???? I suppose I should be grateful that the electrics and...
  15. NW_Merc

    Wanted door pin surrounds in chrome

    Door pin surrounds in chrome or polished aluminium, either OEM or other manufacturer.
  16. NW_Merc

    Where to get chrome/aluminium door pin surrounds?

    Following on from the door pin thread, do MB make OEM door pin surrounds?
  17. SilverSaloon

    Chrome number plate surrounds

    hi as some of you may have read on another thread, i've recently (last thursday infact) fitted my new number plates on a plastic chrome-effect surround from ebay.... fitted on thursday night..... chrome has come off showing black plastic behind in just 2 days. unfortunatly i have...
  18. pepper&boulou

    Numberplate surrounds

    I have been looking for a while for new numberplate surrounds for my w124 as the (plasitic) chrome ones I have are begining to look shabby as the finnish is wearing off, I wash it too much :) Does anybody on here know where I can source the german type with the star and mercedes on a black...
  19. abbos

    Mercedes Number Plate Surrounds

    Evening all, For pictures please see the following thread: I have had some pricing back from the supplier and it goes a little something like this: Quantity: 1 Pair = £32 (Pair) + £4 p&p 10 - 19 Pairs = £28 (Pair) + £4 p&p 20+...
  20. Howard

    w124 chrome switch surrounds...

    I've not seen these before... i would like to think they are chromed alloy and not just sticky chrome film for £11.99 They are from Matrixcar, i believe people have dealt with in the past, so hopefully quality will be good. What does everybody think ...
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