1. grober

    Driver Power Survey

    Best cars to own: Driver Power 2017 results | Auto Express
  2. ringway

    Another Survey to help my son in his final year at university.

    Hopefully, this will be the last survey. :o Many thanks to all who completed the previous interrogations and thanks in advance to those of you who are kind enough to complete this one. :thumb: LINK.
  3. T

    Post new car sales survey, starting to grate.

    I bought my GLC at the start of November. I'm getting fed up with being reminded how important the post sales survey is. My salesman has mentioned it twice. The head office for the dealer phoned me and told me about it. I've had TWO letters from head office, just full of the usual platitudes...
  4. grober

    Auto Express Driver Power Survey 2015

    Just out the 2015 Driver Power Survey. Best car manufacturers 2015 | Auto Express Mercedes comes in 11th place. :dk:
  5. E

    What Car True MPG survey

    Just got the usual email from What Car and one of the articles is about true MPG. How can they be so far out and why don't the regulators make the manufacturers change the way there tested. Here's a couple of them. The rest can be found here. Real-world MPG: Most economical executive cars -...
  6. grober

    Auto Express Driver Power Survey out.

    Yes the Auto Express Driver Power Survey for 2014 is out. with the Skoda Yeti winning again. Best cars to own in 2014 | Auto Express However if you switch to the reliability section the picture changes with several Hybrid:crazy: vehicles featuring at the top. e.g the Toyota Prius...
  7. W

    Car stereo survey

    Hi all, I am looking for some ideas on what is missing from the car audio range available to buy in the UK at the moment? I work for an audio company with a long history of car stereo manufacturing but currently we produce very little that is sold in the UK. (we focus mainly on home audio) If...
  8. S

    AMG Eco-friendly survey

    Anyone get the recent survey request from AMG on how Eco-friendly does AMG need to be? Have you completed it yet? Take a look at the technology profile supplied, where the different concepts are explained. Does it seem weighted to you?
  9. D

    Results of the owners' ages survey

    Ever started something and wished you hadn't? Well I just did - doing an analysis of all the replies to the thread asking us all for our ages. The age of MB drivers who have contributed in this forum ranges from 18 to 72, with the average being 37. The mode (most common age) is 29. I've no...
  10. bpsorrel

    What Car and Warranty Direct reliability survey..

    Unsurprisingly, Japanese cars at the top and Mercedes at the bottom, but some surprises.... BBC News - Japanese cars are 'most reliable' used car brands in UK
  11. SmartMAC

    C-Class Coupe/Saloon MPG Survey

    I thought it would be nice to keep a record on the new BE engines on the C class. Please post the two figures you get in the car. You an update them at anytime if you feel they have changed significantly or if you can get them higher (specially the daily one) 2011 C250 CDI Coupe From Last...
  12. BTB 500

    W639 Viano / Vito rust survey

    If you have owned a W639 Vito or Viano, please vote! It would be handy to qualify with details such as the age of your vehicle (early ones were not galvanised), where and when the rust appeared, whether you had owned the vehicle from new, whether there had been any previous repairs (accident...
  13. D-18

    Mercedes take the top two places in latest "Which?" survey

    Unfortunately, this is based on the average price quoted for a replacement key: S Class - £235 C Class - £231 Cheapest was the Vauxhall Corsa at £127 When I was a lad, that sort of money would let you take the Regiment to dinner and still have change for the bus home :)
  14. Dieselman

    DriverPower survey

    Interesting reading this year. The Top 100 | Driver Power | Car Reviews | Auto Express
  15. C

    W208 CLK Seat Belt Warning Survey?

    Calling all W208 owners - does your car have a working warning light and/or buzzer if you drive without the driver's seatbelt fastened? According to WIS, the alarm (if present) should illuminate/sound when the engine is running and the driver's door is shut. There should be a dedicated...
  16. grober

    Autoexpress "online tyres" survey.

    AUTOEXPRESS have just published the results of their survey of "online" tyre suppliers. Camskill tyres not mentioned :dk: Can't say I agree with their conclusions but I havn't tried many of the sites reviewed. Judge for yourself.
  17. D

    Detailed Survey

    All of the current polls, plus one I pulled together about MB reliability has got me thinking... Is it worth pulling all of these together into a proper survey using an online tool. Could be interesting research into the reliability and costs of owning particular models, and ages. It could...
  18. Spinal


    Howdy! As some of you may know, I'm working on my thesis at Oxford. As part of the research I need to do, I've compiled a short survey, which shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes. When you get a moment, I would really appreciate if you could take the time to fill out the survey, which...
  19. S

    Daily Telegraph Driver Survey

    Saw this in the Telegraph over the weekend. So as we love our MB's (hopefully!) why not do the survey and let the world know! :)
  20. grober

    Yet another reliability survey.

    The oft criticised "Consumer reports" in the USA has published its latest survey. The results are predicable and in line with many other surveys. Once more it appears its the companies from the far East who can teach us a thing or two...
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