1. brucemillar

    What we always suspected.

    Canterbury: UKPC parking warden 'on CCTV hiding to catch drivers'
  2. Harlowcabbie

    Suspected MAF issue

    Hi all . I have a w210 e220cdi and its seemed abit down on grunt lately so plugged it into a diag to read live data. The reading i am concerned about is with regards to the MAF i was getting 289 g/s at idle which from reading on sites about mafs is way out of spec . Would appreciatte anyone who...
  3. T

    suspected boost pressure issue. what can cause it?

    just had another of the plastic pipes blow apart on me this morning, so it will be repaired as the previous ones have been (jubilee clips) BUT it seems that i have an overboost problem, as this keeps happening. what can cause an overboost? ive ruled out any kind of blockages as cats are...
  4. B

    Suspected timing chain has jumped

    Hi all I have had a slight rattle on cold start and engine management light on for a few months now. Which intermittently turns on and off. I decided today to take it to local mechanic to get it checked out using his diagnostic machine. Camshaft timing Error in exhaust camshaft detected...
  5. ItalianTuneUp

    Biofuel suspected in probe into diesel breakdowns Apologies if this has already been posted somewhere here before, couldn't see anything from a quick look.
  6. V

    Suspected Combustion Blow-by

    Hi, I am quite confused with opinions regarding an issue in my W220 S320CDi. The car is with 78K miles now and is maintained by the book. 10 months ago I installed a Kleemann KD Box and did not notice anything abnormal for 2 months except for quite heavy dark-grey exhaust smoke on hard...
  7. S

    Suspected Timing Chain Jumped - Merc CLK 200

    Hi. I have a Merc CLK 200, 2003 (53) reg. A few weeks ago, on Cold Start the engine started juddering. Last week the engine started juddering whilst it was hot and then stopped juddering in a few mins. Now my car doesn't start at all. The RAC man wrote the following in his report, but I am aware...
  8. w124amg

    320e 24 v suspected headgasket

    Iam i right in thinking that the 24 version is said to be not as reliable as the 12 v , my w124 has been stood for at least 2 months , I put a new tyre on it today looked at the front pads saw the size of the calipers and hastily put the wheel back on ! . Anyway it started on 4 then got...
  9. FunkyFez

    Originally a suspected timing chain rattle that has snowballed!

    AMG was at the scammers today to have a suspected timing chain rattle looked into. After having the timing case off the chain and tensioner was given a clean bill of health. The dealership now has no idea where the rattle is originating from and wants a further 20 hours diagnostic time which...
  10. LeighW

    Help please, suspected cat failure (CLK)

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum, hope someone can help me. I have a 2000 CLK320 Avantgarde which has developed a fault. Yesterday when I started it from cold, it seemed to be running slightly rough, when I pulled away it was really lethargic, and the check engine light flashed, then...
  11. Flyer

    Suspected Suicide bomber shot and killed

    On BBC News24 now ...
  12. Satch

    Congestion Charge: as suspected

    AA joins C-charge fight Evening Standard 18 May 2005 The AA today joined the campaign against the westward expansion of the congestion charge zone. It rejected the proposal after a study of its own showed that the current scheme was crippled by inefficiencies and a lack of respect...
  13. Shude

    Suspected alternator issue

    After my car was rear-ended a couple of months ago I've had an intermittent "battery" warning light appear on the instrument cluster. I initially suspected that the battery was damaged somehow but it's not shown signs of any problem. The warning light has usually lit up for about 20 seconds...
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