1. Hunty2198

    lower cls63 without new air ride system?

    Is there a way to reprogram the air suspention on 2007 model CLS63 AMG? I dont want to spend thousands on a whole new system. Looking for South UK companies if any??
  2. c32andy

    rear suspention

    Can anyone tell me if my c63 ppp would have levalling rear shocks?
  3. C

    Mercedes benz E320 SPORT V6 3.0 2006 REAR SUSPENTION NOISE.

    Hi all my mercedes e 320 sport 2006 has a noise at the rear and at the front a little . i think at the back it may be the shocks but i am not sure can anyone help. Will i need a new shock??
  4. d w124

    C124 AMG shocks&springs

    Orginal AMG Sportfahrwerk W 124 Coupe | eBay
  5. d w124

    Brabus W124 suspention

    In new condition Brabus Sportfahrwerk Mercedes Benz W124 NEU | eBay
  6. C

    w124 self leveling suspention

    my estate is very bouncy, unless fully loaded, then just bouncy lol have been told it is the sphears and that they arnt cheap:( so can i just put a loop in the fluid line that goes from the sphears feed to the return there for bypassing them all together? is this the done thing or is buying an...
  7. doggz1

    update on w210 e320 cdi estate rear suspention noise

    Well guys just been on a 200 mile round trip to the place i bought this car from 5 weeks ago and so far , after 2 previous trips they have replaced a new high presure diesel pump, brakelight switch, both rear subframe bushes, headrest motor, thermostat, 2 small fuel pipes, kickdown switch...
  8. C

    e270 210,squeaky front suspention

    hi just wondering on my 210 chassis e270cdi lasely when i press the brakes i hear a spueaky noise out of the front suspension it is not out of brakes and looked at shocks they appear very dry no oil leak could i still need new shocks or could it just be a case of some dry bushings or...

    Front Suspention E Class 211

    Had very nasty experence today, The front n/s road spring broke with a big bang luckily it was in my drive as i drove in. If it had happend at say 70 miles an hour then it could have been different as the front wing would have been riped off as steering is not possible any one else had this happen?.
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