1. M

    coding needed in West Sussex

    Hi, I have 2008 Sprinter van I've decided to add cruise control, swap basic speedo to advanced one, also the steering wheel from old style non remote buttons one to 2015yr one. On top of that ntg2.5 from sound5. for the cruise, I added the stalk and swapped accelerator pedal, so needs just...
  2. BrianWSussex

    New Member - West Sussex

    Hi. Not new to Mercedes though. Over the years both wife and i have had several new Mercedes. Couple of C-Class, two SLK's, E350 Cabriolet all superb cars especially the E Class. Been drawn away by Jaguar a couple times, the last one a 2015 XE was a disaster. Frequent visits to the dealer...
  3. -AJC-

    STAR service near Billingshurst, West Sussex

    Does anyone know of any mobile STAR service in the West Sussex/Surrey area? We have a W164 ML needing some agony aunt consultation time! Thanks
  4. wiggo220

    Worthing / South East INDIES

    Any reccomendations for a good independent / specialist around worthing / sussex area. I've found these few and would like feedback if you've used them before. John Haynes - Worthing Newtons - Chichester INAUTOS - Lingfield Cheers Matt
  5. B

    Anyone got a STAR unit in West Sussex?

    Hi All, Does anyone have a STAR unit in or near to West Sussex? Need to do some configuration in the dash that only STAR can do apparently. Local MB Dealer is useless. Thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Star diagnostics - West Sussex - worthing

    Hi all, Does anyone know of someone that has the Mercedes STAR diagnostics within West Sussex / Worthing ? I have a ML55 and would love to connect it up and change some of the settings / clear down faults. Some of the features I want to change need Star - i,e, program new key fob, reset...
  7. C

    South East England Meet (Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex etc)

    Hi everyone, A few of us have been talking about a meet, and possible Hindhead tunnel run. Location is fairly central for Hampshire, (West) Sussex and Surrey counties, but isn't a million miles from Kent, East Sussex, London or at a stretch, Dorset (Bournemouth) either. Weather permitting, it...
  8. C

    Alignment in West Sussex Area?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere Mercedes friendly (i.e. not full of apes who will do a bad job) in the West Sussex/South East Surrey area for wheel alignment? I've noticed that the steering wheel is very slightly off centre but the car tracks straight, and I'd like to get it corrected. Cheers.
  9. S

    Mercedes mechanics around west sussex / worthing

    Hi all Getting tired of using mercedes dealers and thier prices. Does anyone know or use a private ex mercedes mechanic around the west sussex worthing brighton area ? I have a ml55 2003 that I want this person to look after Simon
  10. ChrisEdu

    Recommendations in West Sussex?

    Anyone got any recommendations for companies in West Sussex, ideally in the Worthing - Chichester area for detailing? Incidently, does detailing always have to involve cleaning the engine bay area? Is it really worthwhile if it does? Personally, at present, I'm interested in get the car's...
  11. Gollom

    Motorhome in Worthing, Sussex

    Can anybody help me out please? I know this is a MB forum, but any help would be appreciated. (The model I really want (S550) has an MB engine but they are pretty rare) There is a Hymer B534 motorhome in Worthing, Sussex that looks interesting, but it is 270 miles away from me so a long way...
  12. IMD

    Recommendations for a bodyshop in Sussex or Kent for my Silver r129

    Hi all, My R129 SL500 has some very slight rust on the lips of one arch, plus a small bubble on the front of one rear arch. Also a few minor stone chips. It's a silver car and I don't really want to respray the whole car due to the cost. I've got to decide whether to replace the panels or get...
  13. R

    the little cruise into Sussex today,?

    Just to ask how the proposed cruise into Sussex went today, ??, my apologies to you all who ventured down here, as you were only half a mile from me, but work commitments interfered with my day, and only got the AA to start my car at 4PM, I do hope you all had a good time and a real nice lunch...
  14. e55nick

    Indy in East Sussex?

    Hi Any Indies in East Sussex before I book my AMG into Mercedes Tunbridge Wells? A couple of niggling issues, slight height difference from left to right when at rest. The struts were inspected under the previous owners tier 1 warranty and they didn't need doing so I'm hoping it's just an...
  15. S

    Mad man in Sussex

    My wife thinks I'm mad. My son thinks I'm mad. My daughter-in-law, well she's never short in pointing out some ones short comings. She thinks I'm mad. My grandkids think I'm brilliant, or more to the point think my E240 is brilliant. Hi, I'm rapidly approaching my 59th birthday and a left...
  16. T

    paint correction - East Sussex

    Anyone recommend someone they know and have used for paint correction in East Sussex? Thanks!
  17. M

    good mechanics in sussex

    can anyone recommend a good mechanic in sussex, preferably in the brighton area. I've an old merc van with electrical problems that are workable but may need someone with a bit of experience of older vehicles and imagination. thanx.
  18. SPX

    Anyone near (or passing) Battle in East Sussex?

    I've finally found a set of 22's for my RRS, only problem being that: A) They're in Battle, East Sussex And B) I've got to collect in person. So if anyone is near to there and wouldn't mind picking them up for me (I'd pay for them first) then I'll arrange a courier to collect them...
  19. M

    Modified CLC Owner from Sussex

    Hi, AI have a modified CLC and from Worthing in Sussex.
  20. mbnerd

    New member, Sussex

    Having read a few posts already I realise that it would have been really useful to have joined before buying my SL500 back in 2010 ;). Perhaps I should create a post explaining all the problems I have had. Picture is after paint correction detail by Paul Dalton at Miracle Detail.
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