1. jarborra

    Another new C350e owner (in Sweden)

    Just wanted to say hello to my fellow Mercedes drivers and fellow hybrid owners! After one BMW (M-reg 730iA) and two Audis (2006 A8 and 2011 S5 convertible), I recently took delivery of a Selenite grey C350e with beige interior and black piano finish as a company car (Leaseplan). We don't...
  2. B

    C63 AMG VS POLICE (Sweden)

    HIGHWAY 2 C63 AMG VS SWEDISH POLICE BEST CHASE - YouTube Lucky for the C63 he was not being Chased by an M5 otherwise he might had required that Weistec supercharger upgrade before setting off.:D But Turns out it was a fellow officer with large takeaway for the station, and was trying to...
  3. edstrom76

    Meanwhile, in Sweden

  4. F

    Turbo Bandit in Sweden

    Hi. Has anyone had any contact with Turbo Bandit in Sweden? I have been trying to contact them to buy a couple of bits from their website but can't get a response. Just wanted to know if Roman is still running this business. Thanks
  5. M

    Hi from Sweden

    Hi guys, My name is Mike. As the title gives away I am from Sweden. I work at a fairly large MB dealership in Sweden as the supervisor of our detailing department. I have been in this business in one way or another since1996 and I hope that I will be able to give as much advice as I receive...
  6. noogieman

    Kowalski from Sweden needs urgent help!

    I'm going to buy complete new LCA for my C43 AMG. Since my C43 is a LEFT hand drive import from Luxembourg and UK cars are RIGHT hand drive manufactured. Here is the question: If I buy LCA arms for my car from a UK seller do I get the same arms manufactured for LEFT and RIGHT hand cars...
  7. The Boss

    The power of Sweden...

  8. Lugy

    Tell me about..... Sweden

    A month or so ago someone suggested I look into emmigrating to Sweden, I've been giving it a bit of a think recently. I hear stories that it's a totally different place to live than here, crime is virtually unheard off - people leave their cars running while they go into shops, everything is...
  9. grober

    Saab rescue latest from sweden.

    From the creditors meeting at Vänersborgs District Court on Monday. It appears there are several parties interesed in SAAB but probably still dependant on how much assistance is available from the European bank/ Swedish Government and how much GM is prepared to leave in the company as debt...
  10. big x

    W211 corrosion in Sweden

    It does seem what first happens in sweden will in the long run be duplicated on cars here.Car makers do test for corrosion resistance in special heated chambers where salt water is sprayed onto cars over many weeks but there still seems to be a weakness on the MB production line in terms of...
  11. Chris mbsca

    Hello From Sweden!!!

    Great place for MB freaks you got here!! :) If any of you by any chance is on vacation in Sweden 16-17 of August we have a big event with 20000 visitors and we at Mercedes Scandinavia forum and MB Club Norway will attend! Your verry welcome to join us!! :D Please feel free to visit our...
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