1. MancMike

    One of the best C63 brutal sound videos there is - Swedish Police Chase

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but even if so, it's well worth another watch. I watch this video regularly, can't get enough of that noise. And while he's being a very naughty boy, it's gives me the giggles when he's toying with the silly sounding Swedish police cars, then floors it...
  2. bpsorrel

    Swedish Mercedes humour.. :)

    Now I KNOW what the bonnet star is for.. :)) "A Swede and a Norwegian was driving in a Mercedes. The Norwegian, having never been in a Mercedes before, asked the Swede what the ornament on the hood was. The Swede answered "Oh, they are cross-hairs, so that I can hit people with the hood...
  3. aquanaut

    bored of german techno? try swedish metal...

    so said the full page Volvo advert in todays local aberdeen paper. Interesting promotion Volvo have going. V40 vs A class V40 Challenge | Volvo V40 | Volvo Models | www.volvocars.com/uk
  4. Peter T

    German and Swedish Ggggrrrrrr

    My son's r170 has been having tracking and steering problems for a while. It's also worn the inner edges off a set of front tyres. He decided to replace the track rod/idler rod assembly, the idler arm bearing, and the steering damper. Took a couple of hours to get it all stripped down...
  5. D

    Swedish charm no more

    I've had the Saab for over a year, and my experiment with older cars has worked well. Saved several thousand pounds, which was helpful. But the yearning for a modern car has been calling. Picked it up today, and been to Stoke and back. Averaged 48 mpg, plenty of toys including electric...
  6. Michael G

    Swedish Charms.

    Well, with the ladies of the family away (and some of the extended family), me and my old man were given my aunt's Saab 9-3 2.0t Convertible. And here's my passengers notes. The interior: Better than I actually expected. Dash plastics were good, bit low rent on the top though. Buttons had a...
  7. grober

    Swedish BSR tuning company.

    Found this link on a SAAB FORUM ! Its a little showcase video for the BSR tuning company. Their PPC system looks to be a well developed product applicable to newer MB models. Among other things they were responsible for the development of the Koenigsegg CCR ENGINE. :eek...
  8. W

    MAS from German & Swedish?

    Well after reading all about the trouble people have with their Mass Air Flow Sensors it looks like mine is finally about to give up the ghost. About once a day the car goes into limp home mode and will not rev above 3000rpm. The gears work fine though and turning the engine off and on again...
  9. Steve_Perry

    Swedish birds are always the fittest

    Swedish females attempt to "straighten out" homosexuals. Work friendly link :) S.
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