1. C


    Had my C180K for just about a month and some scrote as ripped the star off the bonnet. Mindless vandalism. They didn't even want it. They threw the star on the floor
  2. BlackC55

    Swine Flu Jab for pregnant women

    As some of you may know Emma is expecting and we can't seem to make a decision wheather to have the jab or not. I keep hearing conflicting information. What to do?:wallbash:
  3. jeffwebb


    Some swine has bumped my little baby up the backside.:mad: This has dislodged the rear bottom valance from its fixing under the rear light. Does anyone know if I can find out where all the fixings are for this valance as I'm hoping I will be able to re-align it and don't want to blunder...
  4. Geezer

    Treatment for Swine Flu

    Didn't take long.........
  5. Howard

    Swine Flu

    I just called the NHS Swine Flu helpline. . . . . . . . . . . . All I got was crackling.
  6. O

    Bloody thieving swine .....

    Hello all, Been the victim of a most unusual crime. Some ratbag has stolen the drivers side mirror glass from my S320 CDi. The mirrors fold in automatically when I park it, and when I got in this morning it had been forced into the "out" position and the mirror glass was gone. Luckily the...
  7. culpano

    Some swine has gouged my car in works car park

    :mad: :mad: :mad: Parked up at 10am at had to nip out at 12pm for lunch. There was a space to the left of my car and I noticed a large scratch on the rear door panel underneath the door handle. It has gone nearly to the metal and I can see where the top coat of laquer has come off. The...
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