1. M.A.94

    Swirl marks - how to get rid of them

    As the title suggest my car is full of swirl marks, I tend to wash and wax my car at home, however recently due to lack of time I've been going to a local car wash and now i feel I shouldn't have as I've started to notice a lot of swirl marks on my bodywork, typically the bonnet, roof and boot...
  2. J

    W210 320cdi - new diesel pump and swirl flaps deleted - problems!

    Hi all, Long story but here goes! W210 320 CDi with 156k, 2002 model: I replaced the plastic fuel lines at 142k last year. A few weeks back it developed a significant fuel leak from high pressure pump- few days later diesel had gotten into belt and pulleys , and caused the belt to slip off...
  3. M

    W204 220 CDi swirl flaps

    Hi all, First time owner here and I've just got a 59 plate 220CDi. I've got to say, I've been missing out! What a lovely car. One slight niggle that's come up on diagnostics (snap on solus as I'm still looking for someone with star) is a Charge movement flap bank 1 fault P200A28 I'm...
  4. S

    Swirl Flap carrier

    I need a swirl flap carrier from a c220 cdi 2002. Its plastic, circular with a tag on the top and bottom. and fits inside the round port of the inlet manifold next to cylinder head. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  5. S

    Swirl Flaps

    Please help! I have taken my inlet manifold off to do the mod to remove swirl flaps and have to snap one of the swirl flap carriers which I need to hold the sealing rubber in place. Has anybody got a an old manifold with the swirl flaps in. I have been to all the local merc garages and the...
  6. whitenemesis

    Toilet Swirl

    Cheesy but entertaining and educational The Truth About Toilet Swirl - Smarter Every Day & Veritasium ? Smarter Every Day
  7. P

    ML 270CDI - swirl flaps mod query - NW based indy required?

    Hi all, been a member for a while and browsed from time to time and you guys all have valuable experience, so I hope you can help. I have a 2001 ML 270 CDI & I've been luck with it so far, but at 127k I've got the well-documented power loss problem (it won't rev past 3000, kick down etc.)...
  8. yuriboy

    guide link to remove swirl flaps 211 320 cdi

    h hi, i am sure i read a guide on here by alex crow i think on how to remove the swirl flaps on a w211 320 cdi ,, for the life of me i cant find it ,, any one have a link to it please thanks ,,,,,,,
  9. M

    ML270 Manifold Swirl Flap Removal Needed Doing West Yorkshire

    Hi guys & gals I've just purchased a W163 ML270 and have a few jobs I need doing. I've already gutted both cats as they were blocked and rattling. I'm now wanting my swirl flaps removing and an egr shunt. Can anyone recommend a garage around bradford, Halifax or Keighley? Or even a member on...
  10. D

    ml 320 cdi swirl flaps

    hiya lads can any body help me,my ml had loads of faults showing all on the air system showing both maf sensors gone down so i changed them and the fault turned out to be the swirl flaps,so i took it back to the trader that i bought it off and he had the plug took off from the swirl flaps and it...
  11. K

    swirl flap mod w163

    hi there, gradually getting there with my ml today after getting rather annoyed with it I decided to take the manifold off and check the flaps and motor Long and short of it is that I ended up taking the flaps out completely and would like to know if anyone has done the swirl flap mod...
  12. bob6600

    Swirl flaps - when do they open/close?>

    ANOTHER problem I have just noticed. last week took off the inlet manifold and EGR to give it a good clean. Car was limping prior to this so thought could do no harm. However, I have noticed that the bar does not move under light throttle (as it did before). Bar is connected and so is the...
  13. Harlowcabbie

    Manifold swirl flaps w210 e220 cdi facelift

    Having what I think may he an issue with the manifold swirl flaps. I have recently noticed that the car seems abit reluctant on acceleration so thought I'd check all the usual suspects and whilst checking the manifold flap operation I noticed the bar wasn't moving at all when I rev the engine ...
  14. M

    OM642 Inlet Port Shut Off Motor - Swirl Flap - For Diesel C E S CLS CLK 320 CDI

    Used part, removed from my car as it was replaced when having the inlet manifold changed. This part is in working order and pulled from a running car. It's an original Mercedes part - made by Pierburg. A 642 150 01 94 - Number on the part Same as A 642 150 04 94 Check with local dealer...
  15. M

    Swirl flaps ML 270 cdi

    Just thought i should give a big heads up for anybody thinking about getting the seals done on these useless bits of kit!! The job at a Merc main dealer would probably relieve you of about £1500!! Alex Crow in Stowmarket has come up with his own fix for a fraction of that and my ML has never...
  16. E

    swirl motor

    i have an 09 ml 320 blutec, will the swirl motor delete work on this year and model, has anyone done this mod on this year and model thanks
  17. C

    Swirl Motor Resistor Mod OM642

    Hi, has anyone fitted a 4.7k Ohm resistor to their inlet port shutoff motor comnection, it fools the ECU into thinking its working ok when it fails, so instead of replacing the motor for £££ you jus add a resistor for 5p :) When the motor fails the flap defaults to its normal position which...
  18. clk208

    Removal of swirl marks in met. black paint - Manchester or NW?

    My recent CLS acquisition is my first time owning a black car and I'm a little disappointed to see lots of tiny but visible swirl marks mainly but not exclusively on the boot and bonnet when the sun comes out (albeit this doesn't happen a great deal round here at the moment!). No doubt due to...
  19. Black c320

    The swirl motor (resistor) solution

    Following Alex Crows suggestion about a resistor to simulate the swirl motor I decided to give it a try yesterday. I got a 4.7k ohm resistor from Maplins for 26 pence and as it was an experiment i didn't want to cut wiring so i inserted the resistor tails into the connector pin holes in the...
  20. T

    Swirl Flap Servo

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to see if the swirl flap servo from the intake manifold is knackered? The servo is off the car as it has been relocated for easy access (swirl flaps removed and plugged). Car is still in limp mode and I presume the motor is stuffed. When I...
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