1. G

    Location and access - door pin switch W169

    I need to use a C169 door pin switch to handle the ground wire for the door sill lights. How and were can I access it - had a brief look at WIS, and missed it obviously.
  2. H

    W201 orthopaedic seat switch

    So I've recently bought a 2.6 auto and it from factory had a orthopaedic drivers seat, when I bought it the seat didn't work as one it has a broken switch which I can't find the part number and cannot find it at all on the EPC so would like as much help on this as possible as I want to get this...
  3. G

    W221 window switch

    Can anyone help with this? Right rear window switch from a W221 S63 is missing the switch cover for the rear pan roof. I have been to the stealer, who suggests that I need a part number A221 821 45 51 at the thick end of £200 for the complete switch assembly, but having looked through Ebay...
  4. P

    Screen washers won't switch off

    Hi, my 2005 SL350 developed an odd issue, driving along on a lovely dry day the screen washers came on permanently and would only stop after switching the car off and removing the fuse. I have striped the operating stalk and they still stay on, even with this dismantled and no sliding activators...
  5. Peter Michaels

    Location of brakelight switch? Gears stuck

    Thank you for any help in advance Vehicle 2002 C Class T wagon 220 CDI Avantgarde diesel. KN52ZPD Gears stuck in second gear during driving When car is stationary it only gets from Driving position into neutral That is with the engine running. When I switch the engine of and then on again I...
  6. C

    fan blower switch work engine off not engine on

    hi all a bit of help please. w201 2.3 16v heater/blower fan works with ignition switched to position 1 or 2 with engine not running it works in all positions until i start the engine then it wont run. stop the engine try again it works in all positions restart engine it stops. so...
  7. markjay

    W204 bits: Audio20 & Display, Instrument Cluster Fascia, Boot Handle Trim, Switch Bar

    These are items removed from my W204 Facelift (MY 2013) by comandonline.co.uk when retrofitting various options to my car. They will eventually go on eBay, posting them here first in case any forum members need one or more of these parts. Pictures to follow....
  8. tron

    W124 heater switch wiring diagram needed.

    W124 information is either hard to find or I am not looking in the right place. What I need to know is the switching from the three switches in the centre of the dash, between the rotary temperature selectors. The car is a 1996 E300d, and the reason is this: My car didn't operate the centre...
  9. way318

    Headlight switch

    Hi, only had CLA less than 24hrs and got a question on the head light switch. Is there an off position, as I can see 4 positions it can go in: Headlights on, Auto, sidelights on and then one for when parked up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. salfordmerc

    window switch

    The switch for the drivers window has broken,can i just replace one or do i have to buy the whole block? m271 komp. cheers
  11. D

    1999 r129 gear recognition switch

    Hell o, I have a 1999 r129 sl320 with a 722.6 gearbox. The reverse lights' fuse and bulbs are fine. The car does reverse but I need to * 'twiddle' the selector to get the reverse lights to come on. I have learned this might indicate a bad gear recognition switch under the gear shifter part...
  12. brucemillar

    Neutral Safety Switch

    Folks On my W124. I have noticed that I can start the engine with the Auto Gear Lever in any position, including DRIVE!!! I also have no reversing lights? Now the gearbox has been in and out of the car a few times as we rebuilt the engine and gearbox. There are no other apparent issues and...
  13. P

    Couple of parts (G/Box bush & Brake light switch)

    Lemforder 3387501 Gearbox mounting Rubber Metal Bush. brand new in box, about £25 on line, will take £15 Febi 0015450109 brake light switch, OE 0015450109, fits lots of Mercedes cars. Brand new in box, Retail about £17, will take £10
  14. T

    cl500 won't crank, won't come out of park, brake switch okay

    2002 CL 500 with intermittent issue, When it does not work I turn the key and the dashboard lights up when I go to crank, nothing, no click, nothing. I ran a hot lead directly to the starter, cranks fine. And when it's not working I cannot get the car out of park with the key on and foot on...
  15. A

    W124 Passenger Side Electric Seat Switch

    Wanted; one passenger side electric seat switch, without memory: 124 821 27 51. Thanks, Andy
  16. S

    headlight switch

    hi all im wondering if its possible to upgrade the headlight switch to allow the switch to be left in A mode but have the one with the push button front and rear fogs instead of the switch that you have to turn off Auto mode and then pull..??
  17. Fidge

    Ignition switch surround

    Hi, the chrome ring around the ignition switch is very scratched and it lets the rest of the immaculate interior down. Is there anyway to replace it?
  18. kvz2000

    Oil switch fault

    Hi, I have a 1992 300sl , engine sounds as sweet as ever , no oil or water loss , but occasionally when driving the oil pressure gauge drops completely and the red light comes on , if I ease off the accelerator the gauge rises again to where it should be , it could then drive all day without it...
  19. M

    Mercedes 208 clk headlight switch problem

    Hello, after turning engine off and removing key, the dash says lights on, the switch is off, however the number plate lights and the dash lights stay on. Removed fuses does not make any difference. Change the headlight/ lights switch? or the feed to the number plate light is damaged somewhere...
  20. A

    R230 SL - Ignition Switch Problem?

    Hi All, Firstly, this is my first post, I've had a search and can't find anything definitive... and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section. We have a 2003 R230 SL350 in the family - my father owned the car for 12 years. Recently, we've had an issue with certain electronic parts...
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