1. thebig1

    C63S Switchable Exhaust

    Hi Guys, Might be getting a C63S shortly and it has the switchable exhaust option. Anyone comment on how different in sound the modes are, I believe there are three modes?
  2. Dr-Nab

    Sprintbooster Gen 2 switchable

    Taken from my E-cabrio (350CDI) Sprintbooster gen 2 switchable, 452A - Automatic transmission only £100 inc postage
  3. alexanderfoti

    Switchable exhaust for 215

    Hi all My 210 had a straight through exhaust system, and whilst loud and non drony on the motorway, it was drony around 1500-2000 RPM. I am looking for a switchable system for my 215. I think if I remove the secondary cats and resonators, there should be enough room in the resulting...
  4. J

    How-to: 126 automatic (switchable) first gear start

    This technique works on my 1986 v126 500SEL. It may work on other models/years, but I have no information on that. One of the few things I dislike about my 500SEL is the original design of the gearbox to move off in second gear. The car feels 'heavy' and less eager away from rest than I...
  5. J

    Switchable exhaust for SL55

    Any idea if there is a switchable exhaust available for SL55? Had one on my Porsche 997 and really dont want loud exhaust all the time just when I want it.
  6. B

    R129 Switchable headlights?

    Hi wise experts Can anyone out there tell me if my SL320 year 2000 with xenons will have switchable lights? Am about to move to France and would like to know before I go if I should sell the car in the UK or if it will be possible to switch the lights to LHD. I'm imagining they won't be cheap if...
  7. Chattonmill

    Switchable ECU?

    I have been pondering the possibility of having a switchble ecu in the E55. Rather that having to upload a new map every time you want to change the performance/economy is there a solution that you can swithc over at the press of a button or flick of a switch?
  8. syfaphonetic

    Non switchable traction control

    anyone know how to turn off the traction control without sacrificing the abs??? please? :mad:
  9. A

    560sec switchable gear box

    Does anyone know how to check if the switchable gearbox is working. It dosnt seem to be any different in either sport or economy mode. Thanks Alan
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