1. D

    Newbie switched from the Blue Oval

    Hi all, Been a Ford lover these past years but after being invited on an AMG performance drive I was bitten by the AMG bug. Can't afford a new one but just picked up a 3 year old CLA45 AMG today and I'm over the moon with it. Anyway, just saying hello and hoping to get to know you all in...
  2. H

    Switched live drivers side fuse board ??

    Trying to find an ignition switched live in the drivers side fuse box in order to fit my dash cam. All the circuits apear to be permanently live. Can anyone help:(
  3. M.A.94

    Adding a switched fused circuit on a W210

    Hello first and foremost I'm looking for a way in which I can get switched power so my headunit turns off with the key. At the moment my accessory wire on my headunit runs straight to the battery with an inline fuse, this results in the there being constant power and the head unit always...
  4. Aibonator

    W205 C63s 12v Switched Fuse Help

    Trying to fit a dashcam to the new motor. Want to wire it to the passenger fuse panel 301-341. Looked at the fuse map in the fuse box and there is a fuse for the Panoramic Roof. This must be switched 12v because the sunroof won't open if the egnition is off. But there is no fuse in the slot...
  5. C

    engine switched off when driving???

    dear all. I have a B180 CDI 2010 CVT which bought it to repair. The car has accident and we repair it. The car was sitting two years. The engine had some problems but fix and run without issues. This is the first month we are using it and happens two times. We are using the car daily. If the...
  6. Trickythemerc

    Switched Live in Glovebox

    I need to fit a 12v socket in the glovebox to power my dashcam,anyone done this little mod? I do have the CD changer fitted and wonder if there may be a switched live already present :dk:
  7. M

    1999 E300 3.0 Turbo Diesel ABS ASR Light only when headlights switched on

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and i'm experiencing a problem whereby I switch my headlights on and I get a dash light ABS ASR. If I switch to full beam the speedo stops working and maybe i'm being paranoid but the steering seemed that bit heavier too. I even noticed this evening that the gear...
  8. developer

    Dashcam - switched and permanent live

    I've bought a dashcam with a hardwire kit. On an E Class 212, where can I pick up power for either switched (ignition on activated) or permanent live? There's a motion detector (with battery protection) which would enable a permanent live to be used. What about the interior light...
  9. Ruonis13

    Electrical consumers switched off

    Hi Guys, I bought my mercedes e240 (2.6 v6) (2002) few weeks ago,and basically before i bought it the car was standing for a month...and when the seller started it up9with jump leads) rhis message popped out "electrical consumers switched off" he said drive for a bit,it should dissapear,but...
  10. S

    CLK W209 windscreen mists up when heater switched on

    Hi, I have a really annoying thing happen on my CLK (2009 plate convertible) which is when I switch the heater on, the front windscreen steams up and where I could previously see out of the window, I now see nothing for about a minute whilst it demists. I also notice that sometimes when I'm...
  11. M

    SL 500 Odd noises once switched off

    Hi everyone, ive bought myself an 04 SL 500, nice spec car and just in the last month had the ABC pump replaced so felt confident about the car. Ive now noticed that when I switch the car off a metallic clicking/pinging noise coming from the N/S from wheel area, at first I thought it was the...
  12. Dave Richardson

    Radio still switched on after car has been locked

    Found a strange problem on the car this morning in that, the car has been parked on my driveway and locked since Sunday, the radio was switched on & playing away to an empty car. I unlocked the car & pressed the button to turn it off & the word Phone appeared on the screen. In 7 years I've...
  13. B

    R230 - Switched Live in Boot?

    Anyone know of one please? Thanks!
  14. G

    electrical consumers switched off!!

    2002 w211 e320cdi. I drove home from work with no message, got home, went back out 45mins later & dash said electrical consumers switched off. It said it all night while i was out out & didnt go off. Today i checked the batteries, both are 2 months old, rear one had 10.8v before starting, then...
  15. E

    Hissing noise when engine switched off

    With the help of this forum I am learning a bit more about my W210:thumb: Is it normal to have a hissing sound come from the 2 vacuum pipes that go into what I believe is the egr vacuum control valve? The noise lasts about 10 seconds after switching engine off. I've not experienced this on...
  16. Conquistador

    Hazard lights flash at different intervals when ignition is switched OFF...?

    Only noticed this recently and only on German cars, but the hazard lights flash at a different intervals depending on whether the ignition is off or on. They illuminate and flash for a shorter time when the ignition is off. Easiest way to notice it is putting the hazards on just before you...
  17. Conquistador

    Anybody switched broadband from AOL?

    I've finally had enough of AOL broadband, I can get almost 10 times faster speed in my area with Sky or BT fibre, but... ...I have an AOL email address which I use regularly for work and need to keep access to. I'm quite confident that AOL will block access to their software from my computer...
  18. tonyc280

    Bulb fail light on even when lights switched off

    Picked up new c280 yesterday and noticed the bulb fail light is on in the dash even when lights are turned off. Is this a common problem please and an easy fix or can turn out to be something really expensive??? Cheers and happy motoring. PS forgot to say car is 1997 c280.
  19. F

    Ignition switched supply on C250

    I have just bought a 2012 reg. C250 CDI AMG BE. I need to find an ignition switched supply to feed an auxillary GPS. Was easy to pick up on my 2004 C200 but not so easy on this one - can anyone point me in the right direction, please - I have access to a WS Manual.
  20. R

    switched live at rear sam

    Im going to be installing a bypass relay for my parking sensors I need to connect a wire to switched live can anyone tell me if I can get this from the rear sam unit and what colour the wire is. Any help will be appreciated
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