1. Flyinspanner

    W215 centre console switches dead

    Hi, Went away for a holiday, and on return, the centre console switches have 'failed'. There is no function for hazard warning lights (indicators work fine). The door lock/unlock. Rear headrest release. Parking sensor on/off. ABC raise/lower. Sport mode. ESP on/off. Car drives A ok...
  2. A

    Seat switches

    Hi, Just picked up my "new to me" C63 AMG... Last Mercedes i had was a 190 Cosworth some 20 years ago. Just a quick question,what does the top button on the seat switch do ? Mine doesnt do anything on driver or passenger side ? Many thanks...
  3. Palfrem

    W124 window lift switches

    Does anyone know what bulb I need to replace the dead one in my window switch please? Maybe look at LED? Many thanks
  4. B

    switches on clk w208

    hi everyone my hazard light..multi switch panal is not working all 4 switches ive checked the fuses they are all fine any ideas
  5. W

    internal switches not working

    Hi Guys, I have recently purchased a C Class Estate imported here to Malaysia from the UK. Is a W203, 2001 model. I see that the climate control (non digital) and some of the switches on the dash are not working, The switches for the heated seats lights up but the seats dot get warm...
  6. Palfrem

    W124 window lift switches

    Quick question, The bulb has gone in one of the window switches. Does it just carefully lever out or do I remove the whole wooden panel and get to it from behind? Any idea what bulb type I need too please? Many thanks
  7. D

    ML Electric Window Switches not working

    I was having trouble with one of my front windows not responding to the window switch. At first it was intermittent, but slowly got worse until it was almost impossible to get the window to go back up. Here comes an expensive trip to the Mercedes garage, I thought!!! All the switches on the...
  8. B

    W211 Interior lighting switches - what do they do?

    Can anyone help with the function of the two buttons closest to the rear view mirror? Both feature the outline of a car, the one on the left additionally showing 'Off'. Owner's manual doesn't explain...
  9. SilverSaloon

    W124 centre trim walnut wood with heated seat switches

    hi i need a decent walnut wood trim for the centre around the gearbox W124 it needs to have the holes for x4 electric window switches and x2 heated seat switches + the usual mirror and child seat holes, Would also be interested in zebrano with same holes. PM me with what you have...
  10. M

    Power Window switches for 1980 W123 230E

    Thought I'd start a new thread for this one.. apologies for all the questions! Can someone please tell me what would on been the factory supplied power window switches on a 1980 W123 230E (or as close as)? Mine have been retro fitted and at the moment are definitely not the correct...
  11. I

    Relocate heated seat and parking sensor switches

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to rewire the switches for the heated seats / parking sensor? I have removed the Audio 20 head unit and switch panel so I can install a double din unit but would like to rewire the switches to different locations instead of them all being on the same board...
  12. Mike Walker

    W201 and others - door interior electric window switches

    As above x 2 in original packaging. Part No A201 727 02 87. £9.00 posted with payment via PayPal please. :thumb:
  13. A

    2001 clk 230 front window switches

    I canot get either of the 2 front widow switches to work they appear dead however i can get the front windows to open and close via the rear window switches which odd would this be a fuse issue on the front windows obviously back and front are on different circuits and would the back switch...
  14. S

    W202 Replacement Window Switches?

    I've an issue with my drivers side electric window and door mirror working intermittently - I've seen this replacement console on Ebay but my car doesn't have the button to disable the airbag... can anyone tell me if this will work in my car? I've got a '98 W202 C200 Estate MERCEDES C...
  15. Y

    Slk window switches, swapping them over. - give me a clue please!

    Hi again, I need to change the window switches on the drivers door on my SLK, I have the replacement, does anyone know how to do this please, does it just lever out or is there another methods such as taking off the trim from the handle......cheers.
  16. L

    W169 window switches, with all the toys.

    Does anyone have a drivers door window switch pack with buttons for rear electric windows and electric folding mirrors, or know where I can get one?
  17. marty359

    Sockets and switches

    British general 17x double sockets 4x 1g 2w switches 2x 3g 2w switches 1x 2g 2w switch most come with screws but the odd few are missing. Used but good condition, some may have paint marks that will come off. £20 delivered
  18. J

    Boot/Trunk micro switches

    W203 Saloon/Sedan. Boot open light remains on - gives alarm - even though closed. My assumption is that the problem is a faulty micro switch. I have read through many forums but cannot determine where the switch is. Is it in the latch/lock or is it in the lock/handle? Wherever it is can it be...
  19. L

    ml270 w163 rear window & heater switches

    Hi i am finally getting round to sorting some problems on my ML, the rear window and heater switches have never worked but light up and are plugged in. does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? thanks
  20. I

    Centre console switches not working

    Hi I have a problem with the top row of switches on my centre console they have all stopped working. These are the ones with the Hazard warning switch in the centre which has also stopped working (But the indicators do work)!!!! Has anyone had this problem before. Had it put on a merc star...
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