1. philsmerc

    S205 C250 Bluetec AMG line ticking noise from rear offside when switching off

    Hi Had the car since last June and after a few weeks, I noticed that sometimes, after switching off and getting out of the car, I could hear a slight ticking noise coming under the car. It only lasts about 15 to 20 seconds and sounds as though it's coming from the rear offside of the car -...
  2. grober

    Have you tried switching it off and on again?

    Have you tried switching it off and on again? ---- or how to crash an airline. ;) British Airways says IT chaos was caused by human error - BBC News
  3. karozza

    TV Switching

    Anyone take apart an 2002 SL Media unit with TV(mine doesn't have the actual tuner) & know what wire or supply is used to switch to TV? I would like to trigger the TV so I can add a rear view camera interface to engage in reverse.
  4. B

    W204 comand switching on and off

    Hi guys new to the forum I recently purchased my second c320 cdi w204 wich is my pride and joy but on the way the way home the dash lights flickered and the comand went off and come straight back on, very annoying and does it on a regular basis just before it does it the dash lights always...
  5. K

    Headlight main beam switching in Auto

    I have a 2016 A250. I find that with the lighting switch in the AUTO position and driving at night there is a 2seconds delay between switching from dip to Main beam. This is not the case on my partners A200. I have reported this to my Merc dealer as a safety issue and their response is that...
  6. B

    Thinking of switching to a W212 Saloon

    Hey there fellow Mercedes enthusiasts. I'm currently looking at various listings of 2010/2011 grey import W212 models to replace my 3 year old 2012 BMW F10 520i. Grey import cars are extremely popular where I live. But I'm a little bit skeptical of the mileage's that are advertised on these...
  7. A

    Switching to Merc, C450 - Anything special?

    Good evening, I have had a Mercedes C450 come to my attention over the last few months and whilst I've done as much research as I can, and I've registered myself with the local Mercedes dealership, I'm still relatively ignorant to Mercedes themselves and their track record as personal vehicles...
  8. s4rap

    Heater fan not switching off

    Hi all, strange one this. Just got back from longish run in the clk and the heater fan won't turn off. It is still running when the display is saying off on both sides,it still runs when the ignition is turned off and still blows when I take the keys out of the ignition.Any information please...
  9. Pacamack

    Switching manufacturers at end of PCP

    Hi all, my 4 year PCP comes to an end next year and I'm considering switching away from MB for my next car. I have a GFV on the car of about £13k but I'll be about 20k under my mileage limit so I'm hoping (no doubt naively) that there might be a bit of equity at the end of the contract. I...
  10. CrazeUK

    W203 Dome Light Fan Not switching off

    Hi Guys. I have a C220 CDI W203 Auto. Recently after the installation of a aftermarket car stereo i have found my battery keeps dying. Logically we can assume its the stereo, but thats for a different thread. I have noticed that i keep hearing a whiring sound from the dime lights. I...
  11. M

    Command switching off ?

    Hi all first post !! Just purchased a 60 plate C180 and love it. Just 1 problem , the command works fine until you put key in then only works for about a min then switches off and does not work again . Read through posts and google can't find any help . Phoned the last owner and he said it...
  12. Z

    Rear lights,boot not opening, radio not switching on.

    Hi guys maybe somebody have similar problems. My cars main battery was flat after i didnt use car 4 days, i took out the battery and charged on and now the audio,boot and rear lights not working. I check all fuses and they are ok. So i can't find out what's can make those problems.
  13. M

    A45 AMG Rebellion Automotive Switching Exhuast

    Ok guys and girls. The switching rear box is now on our Demo car for all to see. This system is designed with performance in mind so you can have full boost in quiet mode without affecting performance. It has 4 modes essentially: Comfort - Quiet Comfort - Loud Sport - Quiet Sport - Loud...
  14. K

    warning lights coming on when switching on headlights

    Help please, I have a 1999 E240 estate. When switching the main headlights, varios warning lights come on including the ABS, BAS/ASR and handbrake on. In addition, the horn does not work. Any advice. I remember in the past that on one occasion I had to change the brake light switch as the ABS...
  15. PhilDR

    Rebellion Automotive - C63 AMG Electronic Remote Switching Exhaust Interest thread

    Hi Guys, Lots of exciting things happening over the coming months...:bannana: One of the current projects as a lot of you know is our in house designed and built C63 AMG catback exhaust system. We have carried out extensive road testing now and even given a few passenger rides just for...
  16. K

    Random choice of source when switching stereo on

    My 09 E Class has the COMAND system. It has the radio of course, and I have music on the hard disk, an SD card and on a mp3 DVD. Even though I may be listening to one source, such as radio, when I switch off, when I get back in again it regularly starts up with another source. I've not noted...
  17. R120

    Switching W202 head unit and Climate Pannel

    Is it possible to swap the positions of the head unit and the Climate pannel in a C43? I know how to pull out the climate, just not sure if the swap is feasible Want to do it so head unit is higher up
  18. PhilDR

    C63 Valvetronic Switching Exhaust by Rebellion Automotive

    Hi Guys, Sorry we have been so quiet on here we have been rather busy with some of our product development for 2013. As some of you know, I have been heavily involved with another British tuning company for the last 6years 'Wortec' with that particular company we dominated the GM V8 tuning...
  19. D

    2000 SLK 320 manual interior light not switching off

    Dear All, this morning the interior light did not switch off on the timer when i started the car as it normally does. Also when you switch off the car and exit then use the plipper to lock the car the interior light also does not dim and switch off. I have thus switched it off on the switch...
  20. C

    Need Help to switching the Coonnectors

    Hi all, I hope anyone can help to know how switching the connector from the round one to square one, Im planning to put 82mm TB instead of our 74mm, that 82mm got square connector(new style of TBs), i think if anyone thinking to upgrade theTB, sure he well need that damn square...
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