1. pammy

    Happy Birthday Sym

    Have a great day fella - hope the weather doesn't get in the way of having some fun. :D :rock:
  2. F

    Happy Birthday Sym

    Have a great day mate! :bannana:
  3. sym

    Sym's 2006 C200 CDI Sport Edition

    Finally got round to getting somebody with a decent camera to take some pictures ... enjoy ! More to come when rest of mods completed ;) S.
  4. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday SYM

    Have a great day :bannana:
  5. GrahamC230K

    Sym's B180 CDI Nice car Sym! Great gallery pictures too. You have got all the details there - like a tour of the car! I was surprised to see the style of the gear lever - I thought that was a design MB had left behind in favour of the...
  6. sym

    Sym's 2006 B180 CDI SE AUTOTRONIC

  7. S

    Happy birthday Sym

    Have a narner :bannana:
  8. Steve_Perry

    Happy Birthday to Sym

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sym!!! :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :D Have a good 'un today mate :cool: Any nice pressies then? :devil: S.
  9. R

    Did Sym collect his car today?

    i thought it was today he picked up his BMW?
  10. S

    Congratz to Sym

    He's the daddy of a 9lb 10oz :eek: boy to add to my collection of nephews... I'm sure a W211 estate will be on order shortly :cool: well done fella :bannana:
  11. Steve_Perry

    Happy Birthday to sym & n3thn!!

    Happy Birthday Fellas!! :D :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: Have a cracking weekend to celebrate :cool: S.
  12. sym

    Sym's 1999 C200-T Elegance

    Brilliant Silver (744) Light Grey Cloth Trim Interior Factory Options / Mods MB 2 x Integrated 'pop-up' rear Child Seats (to keep the family happy!) MB SLK Chrome Gearshift Surround Walnut & Chrome Gearshift with Full AMG Logo MB Black Leather and Birds Eye Maple Wood Steering Wheel...
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