1. B

    COMMAND Map symbol

    On the map and nav displays on my E320 COMMAND system, there are lots of little symbols that I don't understand. Each is shown as a Red Cross on a white circle and there are lots of them. Does anyone know what they mean and how I can delete them ?

    Visit workshop battery symbol.

    Hey guys. I have recently started getting a red visit workshop battery symbol on my 2003 clk270. I checked the battery and it was faulty so replaced it yesterday for a new one but again today I started getting the notification. It comes up repeatedly and goes away after a few seconds...
  3. M

    Warning symbol

    Hi, I have got my new Merc C class (C220D) and this is my first Merc. When I start to drive, I get the attached symbol (guess it is warning), but not sure what it means. I checked manual but this symbol is not mentioned in the book. Would appreciate any guidance and advise on this...
  4. Ajay Bhatoa

    Yellow ECO symbol

    Hey guys, can anyone tell me why the ECO on my car is yellow and the start stop doesn't engage all the time ? It's never happened before but seems to be occuring now. Is there a way to get it to work again? Maybe a good run on the motorway? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. T

    MB symbol courtesy lights.

    I've had my Mercedes courtesy lights for 2 months now without fitting as thought I'd have to do a bit of wiring and I'm not diy savvy to say the least. Just had a go at it and literally plug out and plug in new one. Not even 2 minutes work. Will take pictures when it gets dark and stick up...
  6. A

    Sprinter 318 strange symbol on dash

    Hi can anyone please tell me what this symbol mean as it has appeared on our dash display many thanks
  7. Z

    Little car symbol with arrow pointing up

    Hi all not had this S320 car long but it has put up this symbol and underneath the word inoperative,I suspect the symbol has to do with the air suspension ,weird the car has not dropped either end from what I can see,what is the best and least costly way to tackle this,I will need to put the...
  8. Fudger

    What does this symbol mean

    Just curious! At the point I took this picture, there was no destination entered and being followed. Just to the left of the road indicator 'A322' there is a small white icon. Any idea what it means?
  9. M

    Mercedes W208 Bonnet Symbol View and Lights

    Hi Guys I have noticed that when sitting behind the wheel in the 1998 CLK, the view of the MB symbol on the bonnet is partially blocked by the wiper (in its 'off' position). When the wiper is on and travels away from the driver's side, the view of the symbol is perfect/fully visible. You can...
  10. Jimmy2404

    Front parking light symbol

    Hi guys Got a front parking light symbol come up on my dash of the c63. Looking at the light at the front it looks in two sections. One of the sections nearer the grill has gone.(though does work sometimes) How easy is it to replace and does the bumper have to come off? Also what bulb is it...
  11. Frostytel

    Command 2 symbol

    Hi all I've been thru the command manual and can't find reference to it, it being the symbol in the top r/h corner with bars and an "S" curious to know what it indicates ? Cheers terry :wallbash:
  12. Abb

    Battery symbol & visit workshop

    Am currently away with work commitments and having just spoken to SWMBO, she informs me the 55 has come up with a red battery symbol on the dash with the words visit workshop. Have done a quick search, and I am lead to believe this is more than likely to be the aux battery or alternator. So my...
  13. BruLan

    P Symbol on Display

    I have a 2014 C250D AMG On the centre Display a Blue P illuminates when going below about 20 MPH Any idea what this means theres no mention of it in the Book A friend of mine has the same on an E250 Coupe and when I asked him he also has no idea so ignores it ! Any help appreciated
  14. bb178

    2012 W204 orange temperature symbol?

    Hi, i got a warning message up today on my 2012 C 220, the speedo flashed up an image of orange temperature symbol, I cleared it, but it kept coming back. It was at the end of a long run (about 2hrs on a motorway) and then local stop start traffic. The car didn't overheat well at least...
  15. M

    Unknown Symbol on Dash

    Afternoon All, Bought a C Class C250 Sport at the weekend - Very pleased with the car and early signs are its going to be an enjoyable drive. One small issue when 1st setting off I get a car symbol outline in the middle of the dash with 2 seats One is a white outline and the second is fully...
  16. I

    W126 Aircon symbol

    Hi, My a/c rocker switch has the frosty symbol at the bottom and a double line with a wiggle at the top. Which is meant to be coldest? Thanks in Advance. Cheers, Paul
  17. Conquistador

    Random 'P' symbol in W221's instrument display?

    Noticed the other day when driving at low speeds this 'P' symbol appears. Sometimes it turns blue with an arrow to one side of it. Couldn't find anything about it in the manual or online: Can anybody tell me what its to do with? Does it mean the car has spotted a parking space or something...
  18. N

    What does the P(car park?) symbol mean?

    Have just leased a new E220cdi sle and don't know what all the symbols on the dash mean. They don't all seem to be in the manual. Any tips? Nick Edmunds
  19. foxy1305

    Just curious over dash symbol

    My 58 plate e class is in for service. I hve a new e class for a loan car. I'm not about to read the user manual for the 2 dyas I have it, but I am intrigued. What is the coffee cup sign for in the main speedo dial? I'm not a cat and I dont want to die but 'I gots to know!'
  20. T

    Comand Navigation TMC symbol

    Hi, First post here, new C-class driver! Just wondering if anyone could tell me what the different TMC status indicators mean on the satnav (Comand Online)? There are 5 blocks which "fill up" from left to right and look like a signal indicator or something, and the letters "TMC". I assume...
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