1. B

    W211 Comand confusing symbols

    2005 E320 W211 with Comand system. From time to time, on the map/nav display, there's a seemingly endless line of little car symbols shown on one side or other of the road I'm travelling. Looks rather like a zip fastener. Does anyone have any idea what this means ? There are other...
  2. J

    Rear Seat Warning Symbols

    Hi Everyone, I've owned my C220 Coupe almost two months now. I haven't had the best start, but things are getting brighter. One thing I've noticed which I find quite annoying is this Rear Seat Warning Symbol (see pic below). Two questions: Is this warning symbol supposed to warn...
  3. O

    logos/ symbols on winter tires?

    Hi, I cannot find anything on logo and what they are for? Apparently the snowflake on a peak mountain is only North American, while the snowflakes in a Square is EU? Is that correct and both are equal? what are the rest for? Rain it look it it, but is it aquaplaning? Why the Sun? Are they OK...
  4. Goldfish11

    W211 (E Class) - Light behind Headlight switch symbols

    Is there a light behind the headlight switch to the right of the steering wheel? I have a light that illuminates the switch but there is no light to illuminate the symbols that the switch points to. i.e. park left, park right, zero, Auto, sidelights, headlights. So you can see the switch...
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