1. rockits

    Engine Oil Explained - MultiGrade vs Synthetic

    For those who always wanted to know or for those who knew but wanted to see it more visually this video I found quite good.
  2. MD5

    M104 engine - fully synthetic oil?

    I've just had my 1994 E320 serviced at the MD, and on double checking my bill, they have charged £113.31 for 7 litres of "Mercedes" oil, which is a 5w30 fully synthetic oil, and makes Mobil look cheap. I've phoned them up to query the price, but more importantly, the usage of fully synthetic...
  3. merc85

    Fuch TITAN 5w30 Fully Synthetic oil Pro flex

    FUCHS TITAN PRO FLEX 5w30 XTL 20ltr in bag in a box, Fully synthetic only £50 Spec, BMW LL-04 / DEXOS2 / VW502/505/505.01 /MB 229.51 ACEA A3/B4 EXCEEDS GM LLA025 /B0O25 Collection only Harwich essex
  4. bob6600

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz 229.51 Engine Oil Synthetic Diesel Low Ash 5L 5W30

    As per title, from MB Southend £16.99 + £5.00 delivery Genuine Mercedes-Benz 229.51 Engine Oil Synthetic Diesel Low Ash 5L 5W30 | eBay Petrol version here (been posted before by The_Don)...
  5. Ermir


    Guys, the oil i bought says: synthetic base oil with cleaning additives. Mb approval 229.5. Nothing about fully semi or blend. Any idea if it is safe?
  6. J

    Synthetic wax or Carnuba?

    To those that have used both recently, Which of the above is better? Also if you are going to wax your car, you will need to polish it first, but do you always need to clean (ie paint cleaner or clay) the paint first?
  7. S

    m103 timing chain and synthetic oil...

    hi the timing chain on my m103 engine occassionally rattles when engine is hot an i was wondering whether this was anything to do with the fact that i put in synthetic oil by mistake. If i went back to 20/50 mineral, would that quieten it a bit? thanks MJ in Beirut
  8. S

    synthetic iol for a m103? aaarrrgghhhh.....

    i know. it's dumb, but i just wasn;'t paying attention and did the annual oil change and filter - only to find that i had chucked in almost 6 litres of fully synthetic 20/50. Is this automatically a bad thing and should i drain it right away? I mean, is there an danger of damage on an old (but...
  9. t-dawg1

    DELPHI fully synthetic oil any good for Mercedes

    Hie guys I've just seen Delphi Fully synthetic oil in the MISTER-AUTO website where I usually buy my car accessories etc. it's says it meets and exceeds the merc requirement 229.51 etc. question is has anyone ever used it and what are your thoughts on it as I've never heard of it but priced very...
  10. M

    229.4 - Triple QX 5w40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

    Hi Guys, I saw this cheap over at ECP TRIPLE QX 5w40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5Ltr Would it be suitable to use in my dads 2006 E220 CDi with no DPF? I understand it isn't long life like 229.5 it should use but say he does an oil change after 6 months would it be ok? Thanks
  11. Spinal

    Wanted: Synthetic Grass / Astroturf Patch

    An odd one here, but I'm hoping someone is turfing their lawn with synthetic grass and has some offcuts... I need a 1mx1m piece (though a touch bigger/smaller wouldn't hurt) Anyone? M. (before someone asks, its for puppy training - I don't like using the absorbent pads... so I create a...
  12. AnilS

    Castrol Edge 5W/40 Fully Synthetic Oil

    As the same here; ... B004AF34B8 For £6.99 in Home Bargains! Was out having the Mercedes being attended to when I wondered into the Cape Hill branch (Birmingham). Cheap and handy for top ups.
  13. S

    TRIPLE QX 5w40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

    My car is only doing 2500 miles a year and keeping getting oil change at Mercedes seems rather expensive. I noticed Europarts selling TRIPLE QX 5w40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil , MB229.4 spec at a very good price. Has anyone used this oil and any opinions whether I should use it in my 10 year old...
  14. AnilS

    Gulf Semi Synthetic oil at Home Bargains!

    Heads up guys. Popped into Home Bargains (Cape Hill - Birmingham) whilst I was early for the Merc service round the corner, and spotted the above oil for £10 (4 litres). Specific spec was MB 229.1;) So, mine takes 8 litres, so 2 packs and an oil filter makes for a cheap oil change :thumb...
  15. R

    Synthetic vs Semi Synthetic oils

    Hi, My car is a 98 W140 S320L. I was just at the dealer who has been servicing it and they have service packages where they do lube changes for minor service. When I asked them what lube they use they said either Total quartz 7000 or 9000. The difffrence being one is semi synthetic. I would...
  16. ringway

    I need a fully synthetic 30w non-detergent oil

    As the title says, I need a 30w non-detergent oil for the pump on my Honda pressure washer. I do need the oil urgently, so I will have to collect it, if I can find a stockist within a 25, mile radius of Wilmslow. Does anyone know where I might find an outlet for this oil? Many Thanks...
  17. Ted

    ASDA Synthetic oil

    ASDA sell their fully synthetic oil at under £20 (18.50 IIRC) Bargain! After all, it IS synthetic. So from now on all of my oil changes will be done using this oil. Can't do any harm can it? :devil:
  18. P

    semi synthetic or synthetic in a high miler

    My last oil change used Shell Helix semi (its had Castrol magnatec all its life from the service book) and its has been fine. Car is c180 petrol and done 120K but engine in v good order - does not use oil. Was wondering if I should carry on with the same semi oil change or use fully synth. But...
  19. L

    semi synthetic to synthetic

    HI, i know the last oil change on my car used semi synthetic oil, car is a 2001 done 55k, am i ok to change back to fully synthetic for the next change? or do i need to stick with semi?? what i mean is will changing back to syntehtic cause me any problems?? Lee
  20. M

    Shell Helix Ultra 5w40 Fully Synthetic Oil

    I have bought a bulk quantity of top quality Shell synthetic oil in order to obtain an extremely good price and I'm now selling off the surplus. It is Shell Helix Ultra 5w40 Fully Synthetic Diesel. Althouigh marketed as Diesel it is also suitable for use in petrol engines as it satisfies...
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