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    Clattery G Box rumble on W124 5Sp Man Box on T/O

    Hi All, I'm not actually sure of the gearbox number, but it's a five speed manual on an 89 300E, W124, 140k miles. Gear selection is smooth except in reverse when the engine is hot, then, there's a grinding going into reverse. Putting it into a synco gear first stops the grinding. At full...
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    Gurgling on Ignition W126 M103 (HIGH RPM t/o)

    Hi All, Every morning as I turn the key, prior to turning the engine, there's a great big gurgling from what seems like under the dash, very loud it is, too. Despite having had many an old merc, I've never come across this before. Possibly related is a very high tick-over of 1900. Any...
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