1. markheaney2

    Viano table

    Just a quick question I have a viano w639 2007 compact with 6 seats in the rear 3 plus 3, can i still have a table or does the table only fit between single captains chairs. Thanks.
  2. Happytalk73

    Portable Table Saw?

    Hello guys & Girls, I've just popped in for a bit of wisdom. I've decided to sell my large static table saw & dust extraction unit. I bought it 7 years ago to manufacture my own kitchen/bedroom units on. Given my current health issues I've decided that making my own units is not something I...
  3. V

    Viano rear table pole

    I've brought a removable table pole kit and wanted to ask how others have fitted the floor plate. I have a 57 plate viano with the rear seat rails system with six seats in the back. How is the rail system constructed it's obviously a sub floor about 4-5 inches off the van floor. It is that an...
  4. C

    W140 Electric folding rear table

    Hi Was wondering what a working W140 electric folding rear table maybe worth ? Removed from a S Class Business Edition Grey leather / wood. Many thanks
  5. jnfgambler247

    V8 engine block table for sale

    for full detsils please see item 391394480710 - worth a look Better price for forum members Thanks for reading, PM for any info Cheers Jim
  6. brucemillar

    A great coffee table book for petrol heads.

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  7. S

    Professional size snooker table

    with lights over a dozen cues cue stand balls authentic score board Quick sale of £900 ovno.
  8. EDZ649

    Superb V8 Coffee Table For Sale

    Due to having a change around at home I have decided to part with my beloved V8 coffee table. I bought this about four years ago and it has been a great talking point ever since. The block is from a W116. Size of the glass top is 1200mm x 650mm and ithe height is 520mm. It all comes apart...
  9. G

    rear electrically operated fold out table in back passenger seat 1998 w140

    Has anyone got any ideas as to why this rear folding table may have failed and where to look to get it working again:dk:
  10. D

    W639 Viano Central Double Floor Runners/Rails

    I managed to source a pop-up table for my Viano but I later discovered (annoyingly) that my car doesn't have the double central runners, it just has the two pairs for the seats.. :doh: I know its a long shot but has anyone ever retro fitted the double runners as I'm wondering if it requires...
  11. grober

    Ultimate Coffee Table Book

    Just the ticket to leave out casually for visitors on the coffee table in the lounge! And at £25 considerably cheaper!;)
  12. C

    V8 Engine block (Top Gear Coffee Table)

    Yes, I am looking a V8 engine block at a good price. I can arrange for delivery too. Cleaned would be nice too
  13. Q

    LIT Table to Diagnose Suspension Noise (and other bangs etc).

    I recently fixed a mate's car's rumbles, bangs and clunks. I used an old LIT table to do this, which he'd not seen before so I thought someone else might find it useful. The LIT (Listen, Inspect, Test) table is a matrix that helps you narrow down what is making the noise in the car. The idea is...
  14. Somebody

    Understanding the oil spec table

    So, I bought a manual for my 5.0 v8, and this is the oil table: This looks really confusing because they seem to all overlap a lot. Doesn't that table basically mean ''as long as you live on planet earth, and not in Siberia or the Sahara desert, use pretty much anything''? I can't see any...
  15. SportsCoupeRich

    Garlando Table Football.

    Have one of these I bought for 1100 in Selfridges about a decade ago - times be a changing and they are now £500 from them direct. Open to offers for collection from CM6 near Stansted airport. It fits in an e class estate load bay..... linky: Garlando G500 Freeplay Football Table |...
  16. D

    whats the league table re Mercs

    I get confused and dont know a clk from an slk is there an easy formula .I get the feeling a E class is superior to a C class yet inferior to a S class yet i see a C class C63 and that throws a spanner in the works as thats surely superior to most others.It seemed easier years ago with say a...
  17. S

    Too old for the Round Table

    Popped into a service station on the M5 this morning and saw a sign promoting the Round Table. Need to be under 45. Now that HAS depressed me.
  18. Mozzer

    Pool Table Barrel Lock Woes

    Any nefarious types on here have any advice on how to pick / drill / find skeleton keys for the barrel locks on my pool table ? One of my beautiful yet, bl00dy frustrating daughters seem to have seen the sparkly keys twinkling on their hook and now they are lost :( Need to get into the...
  19. kit17

    6 x 3 Riley pool Table

    I have for sale my 6 x 3 ft pool table, please see link 6 x 3 Riley Pool Table and Accessories! | eBay
  20. S

    Back table for S-Class long

    Hello, I'd like to install those nice wood tables into the back of the first seats into my S-Class long. It seems the whole back part of the seat needs to be changed. Anyone did such a conversion before ? Do you know where can one try to buy such a part beside a Mercedes dealer as replacement...
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