1. V

    MB Vaneo replace instrument Cluster with tablet

    Dear MBclub members its my first post here. I'm an owner of a 2005 W414 Vaneo that I've had for over 8 years now. Its the most compact 7 seater with sliding doors and I've travelled all over Europe with it. Recently I've started having niggles with the instrument cluster (the perennial...
  2. gaz_l

    Acer 8” Windows 10 Tablet – 3 weeks old

    I have for sale an Acer Iconia 8” Tablet PC. Bought on a whim over Christmas, on the pretext that I might be able to use it to run the company MRP software when walking around as opposed to at my desk. Unsurprisingly, trying to run a heavy duty relational database on something with an Atom...
  3. D

    Tablet Stand/Mount

    Hey Folks. Santa bought me this rather splendid tablet mount for Christmas. Very high quality and surprisingly robust considering the stand attaches by magnetism. Recommended. Available here
  4. Piff

    Windows 10 tablet

    I've just been given a Win 10 tablet & number 1 son has set it up. Unfortunately he has set a PIN to be used each time the machine is switched on. Is there any way to disable this requirement?
  5. A

    Renntech lowering module plus tablet

  6. The Boss

    Good News!

    Major interior makeover for new Mercedes C-Class | Autocar
  7. omega1

    Installing tablet as ICE

    Hi all, I'm back after the reluctant sale of my previous MB to take a company car a few years ago, but I'm just about to take posession of my new (used) MB as I hand back my company car... The vehicle I am buying is as per the image, does anyone know what model this is (not the model of the...
  8. brucemillar

    Apple drawing tablet wanted

    Folks No2 Daughter would like an Apple drawing tablet for her MacBook Pro 13". Any recommendations on a tablet and or apps to go with please? Oh. She is No2 in age not pecking order.
  9. Spinal

    Tablet or Netbook?

    Here's a query to the community... I need a machine to watch movies on airplanes, occasionally surf the net from a hotel room and check my personal emails... That said, I can't decide between a netbook (something like a Lenovo Flex 10), or a tablet (I like the surface 3 pro, but it's not...
  10. guydewdney

    microscope for android / tablet?

    any suggestions? Seems harder than one would expect to find.... Guy
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Google NEXUS 7 Tablet Half Price £99

    Just picked up one of these for myself Buy Google Nexus 7 by Asus - 32GB at - Your Online Shop for Tablets, iPads, tablets and E readers, Limited stock Technology. Half price at £99 from Argos Will run the latest Android OS 4.4 Kitkat. Its the 2012 edition, but a...
  12. alzieboy

    Tablet Anti Virus

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, should I have antivirus installed on this , have seen AVG free have an app for Android ? :dk:
  13. Danny DeVito

    Tablet Wifi.. Any help ??

    My daughter has a Gemini 7020 simple tablet. Quite often it disconnects from wifi. After this i have to re enter pass phrase and it tries to authenticate which often doesn't happen. WPS works a little better but not always. Signal goes from full to poor througout connection even though i am...
  14. Darrell

    Tablet question

    Just got a free Samsung s3 tablet with a puny 8gb memory. If I stick a 32gb sd card in the little slot, will this give me 40gb of memory?
  15. ioweddie

    Just bought this Tablet on ebay Nice item

    Justbought this: NEW! 9" INCH A13 ANDROID TABLET WIFI DUAL CAMERA CAPACITIVE KEYBOARD CASE BUNDLE | eBay Not an ipad but great every day tablet. Ideal pressie for the children at christmas, decent seller. bought yesterday afternoon at 2pm arrived today 10am, as described very pleased with it...
  16. cinek

    Sony xperia Z tablet

    Does anyone here own one of these? My experience with tablets is limited to iPads only, but looking at the spec sheet, sony comes very close to apple. I have been offered sony's tablet through O2 and took the bait.
  17. M

    Wacom Intuos5 Lage Wireless tablet

    Wacom Intuos 5 Touch Large format graphics tablet Mint and in original box, used once at home and bought late last year. This Intuos 5 Touch Large has the wireless dongle/battery pack fitted. Reason for selling: I simply cannot get on with a tablet. So my loss, your gain ;) The...
  18. chubbs111

    ref tablet

    hi guys i need some tech advice please.ive just ordered this item. NATPC 9.2" Economy Android Tablet PC . i have ordered it from present my brother-in-law connects his laptop to the internet with a vodaphone payg dongle via the usb port.what i need to know is how will he be able to...
  19. M

    HP TouchPad 32GB Tablet - Running Android 4.2

    Hi Just a quick post to see if anyone is interested in a HP TouchPad tablet. Before it ends up on eBay... Running 4.2 Android and WebOS. 32GB Version. Very Clean. Comes with Original protective stand *also doubles as a stand* All boxes and packing etc. £100.
  20. W

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch Tablet - £180

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch Tablet - Black (16GB, WiFi) Model: GT-P7510 Android 4.0.4 £180 inc P&P
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