1. jasons

    w202 rust,how best to tackle it

    hi I have some rust on the rear arches on my w202 and was wondering how best to tackle it,what products to use etc,i take it I grind it back to bare metal if there is any metal left and then what.
  2. chubbs111

    fishing tackle for sale

    feeder rod,float rod,2x6mtr whips,rod holdall,umbrella,2xlanding nets with extending handles,6 drawer seat box with foot plate and side tray,feeder rest,bank sticks,keep net,3x reels,carryall,brand new size 9 hot foot boots,floats,hooks,feeders,catapults,all you need to go fishing,all items...
  3. smillion

    The tax man to tackle husband and wife businesses

    Anyone on the Forum that is in business with their spouse (either as a company or in a partnership) will be interested to know that the Treasury have published proposed legislation to come into play April 2008. http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/media/1/D/consult_income_shifting.pdf Where one of...
  4. portzy

    Fishing Tackle (coarse)

    I am not giving up but, it looks like I will be seriuosley cutting down on the amount of gear that inhabits my garage. Lots of VERY good well looked after stuff, Normark, Shimano, Daiwa etc. Far, far, too much to list here without taking up space. PM me if anyone is interested. Dave P.
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