1. merc180k

    Pricing Ideas and Tactics for house sale

    Evening all, Looking for some help and ideas for pricing my house to sell as quickly as it possibly can given the current market. I have asked the estate agent to come up with some thoughts and ideas but pondering things myself tonight and thinking that an "off the wall" strategy might do...
  2. Godot

    Rooney's Tactics for today.

  3. F

    Dodgy Sales Tactics

    On the weekend I tried to buy an Audi A6 from a VAG dealership advertised in the Glasgow Herald motoring section: A6, 2006 on 06 Plate, Auto, Met.Black, Sat Nav, 30 odd k, listed a few more options that I can't remember, £15,995. (you'd pay more for this car at auction) Now I called the...
  4. D

    Channel 4 Progam on Labour Election Tactics

    Did anyone actually watch this last night? Rivetting stuff. Puts that well known phrase "I have listened..." into perspective. Makes me wish I'd never returned from Russia. Les
  5. M

    Speed Limits - shift in tactics by Lancashire

    I was emailed this info by a collegue who knows a traffic cop in Lancashire and reckons this info is genuine. I've removed the personal details there a lot of it , but interesting reading
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