1. Merc Owner 2B

    Lost a key / Return your key tags - Returning found keys

    Had a near thing today when SWMBO lost her car keys. Thankfully handed in at supermarket. It has got me thinking about the various firms that you can subscribe to by attaching their tags to your key ring. Some ask the finder to telephone for a reward others ask for them to be placed in the post...
  2. S

    For tags

    Hi guys I havnt been on here for a while, have been enjoying my sls will post pics later. I need some help on finding a replacement door mirror glass some toe rag has thought it to be funny to kick my driver side wing mirror and break the glass. I have done a little bit of research but...
  3. LTD

    Free luggage tags

    Fill yer boots !!! KLM || Get your own personalized free luggage tags!
  4. Koolvin

    Abusing of Tags - Name and shame

    We wish to remind everyone that bullying will not be tolerated on these forums. Click here to see the original post on our standpoint. A warning about tag abusing was issued last Friday but it's obvious that the warning was ignored. As a result of this victimisiation we have lost a fellow...
  5. gr4z

    USB & ID3 tags

    Hi On the standard USB interface on a 2011 C class are the ID3 tags displayed on the dashboard? Album art? This car does not have COMAND - only the Becker Nav. Thanks
  6. Simon_M

    Payment Tags for French Autoroutes

    Has anyone acquired one of these electronic tags recently for paying the tolls on French Autoroutes? There are plenty of threads on pistonheads saying how to get round the 'only post to French addresses' but they seem to have recently changed. They no longer accept a credit card and now need...
  7. BaldGuy

    Kids Abercrombie Brand new with Tags

    Bought this Abercrombie hoody for my daughters birthday yesterday and like a plum i got the wrong size... Sorry for the phone camera pic but you get the idea of what it looks like.... Its an XL for Girls.. Size 10 and only tried on and taken off... Ideal Crimbo pressie, these are £60...
  8. Andy W

    meta tags / keywords

    Can any one in the know tell me how and where I can add keywords in to my web page which was created using front page express. Which lines at the start of the HTML code do I add it, and is the meta tag below suffice for the task. <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT=" "> If anyone wants a...
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