1. S

    W639 Vito Tail Light intermittent flashing

    My 2005 Vito 115 has developed a fault in the right rear unit which has me baffled and means I cant renew MOT until rectified. When I turn the lights on the right tail light bulb flashes briefly then goes out. Then it will flash again a few seconds later and again for another 4 or 5 times...
  2. C

    W164 2007 tail gate stuck closed

    Hi all, anyone had similar experiences with the soft close tailgate? It's been playing up a lately with what sounds like gears /cogs slipping when it tried to pull itself closed ,but it always did after a couple of goes.It closed without the soft " pull in" tonight(like a standard tailgate) and...
  3. C

    W123 estate tail gate

    Hi, I'm after a W123 estate tailgate. My grandad left me his car and I'm looking at getting it back up to a high standard. Unfortunately the tailgate is past repair. I'm located in Surrey and don't mind travelling to collect. I've rang a couple of the usual breakers already. I'm...
  4. M

    W204 2010 with facelift LED rear tail lights

    Hi guys I've done a lot of searching prior to posting a new topic. I have a 2010 w204 pre facelift c class. I have bought genuine Mercedes facelift led tail lights but am getting the fog light error. I understand I can eliminate the fog light error using a load resistor. My main...
  5. G

    W123 Estate Tail light

    Hi, I'm looking for a passenger side tail light for a w123 estate. Don't want the aftermarket ones one eBay...a used one off a breaker is ideal.
  6. MOR8A

    Anyone dealt with failed tail light LED's?

    Just wondering if anyone has found a way to deal with these rather than buying an entire unit? I have a man who can do this type of electronic repair but it sounds like it could be expensive, thoughts or suggestions welcome. Thanks.
  7. Fr3ddy

    W219 CLS Rear Tail lights X 2 for sale £120

    I have a pair of CLS W219 rear tails lights for sale £120 ono
  8. chrispy2005

    Rear Tail / Brake Light Warning

    I keep getting a message on my dash saying my rear tail / brake light is out but it's not, it's working perfectly well. It's a 2009 C200 CDI Estate. My local mechanic told me the light connectors corrode giving this warning and a conversion something or other is needed. Is this correct and if so...
  9. BIG_G_1979

    w211 e280cdi sport tail pipes

    Guys my oem tail pipes are pitted and I wanted to remove them either to replace or refurbish but I cannot removed them I heard somewhere that these are welded on? Anyone any advice? Thanks Picture of tailpipes http://s1074.photobucket.com/user/garethbevan59/media/DSC_0229_zpsv6dwxhxa.jpg.html
  10. sub_zero

    Smoke out of the tail pipe for W124

    Hi all, I noticed lately that blue smoke is coming out of the exhaust at rpm 3500,I asked my mechanic and he told me that this is engine wear :eek: I was really shocked,I really use this car in a proper way and change oil on time. Did some search on the internet,there was a thread about a...
  11. T

    Retro Fit Quad Tail pipes for 2009 C280

    I am thinking of replacing the my twin tail pipes on my 2009 C280 for quad set up, like the C63. What is involved and roughly how much would it cost?
  12. Abb

    Can I fit ML63 tail pipes to a ML350?

    I am looking to potentially fit some parts from a ML63 to my ML350, as I prefer the look of the 63. It was practicality which made sense for me to buy the 350. Does anybody know if I can fit quad tail pipes to a 350 or does the floorpan not lend itself to the pipework which I would require to...
  13. S

    W123 red/clear tail lights.

    Evening gents and ladies, first post here. Bit annoying i know, to be wanting something already but im searching for some aftermarket tail light lenses with no orange for my W123 coupe please. Depo made some i believe but i cant find any. Used would be perfectly fine if they are in good nick...
  14. Abb

    SL55 AMG Tail Pipes

    Purchased from a forum member to find they are not compatible for my CLS 55. So up for grabs is a set of aftermarket tail pipes to the exact dimensions of the original AMG quad pipes as fitted to the SL55. £100 incl delivery.
  15. K

    MERCEDES W124 Exhaust Box with tail pipe ORIGINAL Part

    MERCEDES 320E Saloon W124 85-95 Exhaust Box with tail pipe ORIGINAL Part | eBay

    Tail pipes

    The tail pipes on my Sl55 are in a grotty state. Can you recommend the best way to clean them. The left hand unit has some rust on it. I would welcome any ideas. Someone suggested using tin foil wet in soapy water???????
  17. clarea

    Tail light query

    This could be a really blonde question sorry!!!! I have a S320 (w220) and one of the tail lights is out. I changed the bulb but that didn't solve the problem and I changed the socket but that also didn't work. What am I doing wrong?! As an aside, the indicator on the same side (near side...
  18. C

    Someone hit me from the back , tail light misaligned.

    Hi, Someone went into the back of me when I was in stationary traffic a few days ago. After washing the car today I noticed that the rear tail light has unclipped itselt from the bumber as the tabs are visible. Is this a easy fix or do I have to take into the dealers to get it repaired? I...
  19. G

    rear tail light seals

    HI, l am looking for a rear tail light seals, the one that goes onto the boot lid, its on a E220 Cdi 2001, anyone know of a dealer, Mercedes only sell the whole lamp unit with seal, but not separately. thanks for any help.
  20. J

    Help needed! Tail lamps

    Trying to change the reverse light bulb to led, i cant remove a white clip in the pics. I removed the nut but the white plastic bracket doesnt budge. Any one know how to remove them?
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