1. BTB 500

    W447 V Class tailgate, opening glass

    Parked alongside a W447 V220 today and saw that the glass on the tailgate opened independently, which is a nice feature. Is this standard? Anybody know if it's available on the W447 Vito as well?
  2. U

    W164 ML Tailgate query

    Hi all, I have a problem with the tailgate on my ML. The powered part no longer works and its due to something I did :wallbash: One of the lifting arm bolts broke so I drilled out the old bolt, fitted new ones and then put the arm back on. Now it no longer opens electrically. I had it...
  3. tron

    Tailgate wiring.

    When the car is built, it makes sense to me that the tailgate arrives ready wired and is fitted to the car as an assembly. Am I right about this? I need to change a tailgate (s202) and would like to know if the tailgate simply plugs into the car or whether I have to strip both doors down and...
  4. tron

    S202 tailgate.

    Looking for a tidy example for a restoration project. I am realistic enough to know I won't find a perfect one but I don't want a doily. Is there anything out there, please?
  5. T

    W210 Estate Tailgate for sale ( facelift )

    Tailgate for sale Bought to go on my E320CDI but I wrote the car off so now no longer required Its fair condition see pictures Its a charcoaley kind of black , I was going to respray it No reasonable Offer Refused Boyd
  6. L

    s124 tailgate soft close

    Hi, I have a problem with the soft close failing on the tailgate following a few months of intermitent performance. I also think a problem with the rear cabin lights might be related to this. I have replaced the mechanism with a known good one and still have no operation of the mechanism. I had...
  7. P

    S211 2009 Tailgate trim removal help

    Hi all I need to remove the tailgate trim on the inside of the car. I need to replace wiper motor. Anyone know how I do it, before I do my usual thing and break something???
  8. N

    S212 Tailgate Adjustment

    Hi Everyone Does anyone know how to adjust the tailgate hatch on an S212 E Class Estate. I am no expert but I think the nearside is auto closing a bit too tight. Any help appreciated. TIA Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  9. M

    Vito tailgate hinge mounts

    Hi. Wondering if someone can help me out. I have a Vito W638 and recently bought a tailgate to convert to from barn doors. However I didn't realise that the mounting plates are situated within the rear roof are of the van that has a tailgate as standard and also believe they need cutting out. I...
  10. K

    No Lock for a Key on Tailgate 2006 S203 C Class

    I have a problem ...going on a 24hr ferry ride to Spain and the inclination sensor/ tow-away sensor has to be deactivated. I press the button on the dash and the red light blinks once, get out the car after locking other THREE doors and lock the Drivers door with the mechanical key as said in...
  11. CowleyStJames

    Right side tailgate lamps failure S212

    Further on from tailgate not latching automatically, third brake light, right brake light, right side reversing light and right side tailgate marker lights and tailgate shut button not working this morning. Does a fuse control that area of tailgate our is it more likely to be wiring? No faults...
  12. CowleyStJames

    Easy load tailgate on S212not latching

    Hi guys, my tailgate on my W212 isn't locking when power closed. It doesn't even sound like it's trying to. However, if I close the tailgate by pushing down, it locks fine Any ideas?
  13. wu56Shoozz

    W639 Tailgate door handle

    Can anyone tell me how to remove it as there's rust starting to form behind it and I'd like to treat it before its too late..:(
  14. G

    Tailgate Struts - OE or Febi / Magneti-Marelli?

    I want to replace the tailgate struts on my A200 2006 C169 - it takes a bit too long to reach the top open position (particularly in this cold weather), and silicone lubricant spray doesn't help much anymore. The Mercedes original ones, which I suspect made by one of the companies mentioned...
  15. M

    retrofit power tailgate

    hi everyone I know this has been discussed a few times but I can not find any info so here goes can anyone tell me what I need to retrofit a power tailgate to a 2004 w 211 e class estate I can get hold of the pump ram and ecu what else will I need and are the wires already in the car to connect...
  16. M

    S205 - Boot / tailgate fully open this morning, frozen inside!

    Hi All, Woke up this morning to an icy car on the driveway, with the boot wide open and the contents covered in frost. Thankfully nothing taken and care still present and correct! Anyone else had this experience? I've had the obvious thought of leaning on my keys in my pocket from inside the...
  17. P

    S204 tailgate damage

    Apologies this is not in the bodywork section but the iPhone app won't let you create a new thread in that section. Anyways the mrs managed to reverse into somebody's tow hitch last night putting a decent dent in the tailgate of our S204 estate. Luckily the dent is in the metal and the plastic...
  18. Crazyfool

    Automatic tailgate

    I'm sure you are all aware of this, but it was just by chance I discovered that I can close the tailgate by pressing and holding the button rather than pulling and releasing to open. Just thought I would throw it out there!
  19. A

    Tailgate Problems

    Hello, new to the group and would welcome any help here about this probblem. I've got a ML320 CDi. I remote lock and unlock the car no problem. But whenever I open the drivers door or any of the passenger doors, the tailgate opens as well. Its not a powered tailgate, but is a soft lock but...
  20. milleplod

    R500 tailgate lock update....

    Its fixed! I did it myself, which is rather surprising really as I have a habit of doing one job and creating at least a couple more...! :eek: Although the failed lock was under warranty still (by about 3 months), MB wanted around £220 + VAT to 'diagnose and replace' it. They also mentioned...
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