1. L

    Tailpipe Chrome Cleaner.

    Just trying to clean the tailpipes on my E 55 amg and I'm not having much success, so I'm just wandering what comes recommended, there's no signs of any rust but I cant seem to get through the tarnish and tbh they look far better on the underside.
  2. PhilLinda

    E class tailpipe fittings

    One of the fixings for the chrome tailpipes on my 2012 E350 sport estate has come unfastened. It looks like it needs some sort of starlock retainer. Can someone advise of the correct part please? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. D

    Chrome tailpipe for W211

    Hi Can anyone tell me if is possible to fit a chrome tailpipe to a 2006 E220 CDI W211? The problem is my exhausts are hidden under the back trim. Thanks for any help you can give me. David
  4. P

    oven pride on tailpipe

    I used a product called oven pride on the shelves of my oven. Brought them back to life and a great job. Just wondering if anybody had ever tried this on a tailpipe? Not an expert on metal but I think it would damage chrome. The stainless steel shelves did come up excellent though.
  5. J4MRU

    Does this come off??

    I want to clean up the tail pipe, does the black trim come off seperate to the bumper, and does it come off easily?? Just want to improve access to the work area to decrease risk of damage. Cheers
  6. T

    Dual to Quad tailpipe conversion

    Not sure if I should have posted this here or in the bodywork section. So please move to correct section. I`m planning to do a dual to quad pipe conversion as shown in the pics. I plan to purchase another two matching tailpipes and get a Y pipe constructed. Don`t want to weld it to my...
  7. J

    C220 CDI Coupe Exhaust pipes?

    Hi All, This may be a stupid question, but we collected our C220 CDI Coupe yesterday and I was surprised to see only a single tail pipe located in the rear passenger side. I was under the impression that the non C-63 AMG models in the UK came with twin single tail pipes. (I.e. one tail...
  8. Howard

    w168 Powerflow Exhaust - Twin Tailpipe - Cat Back System

    Now i have my Brabus backbox , i have for sale the system i was going to put on the A class ... Silencer is stamped 'Powerflow - Longlife Exhausts - Stainless Steel' All hangers are intact , twin ovals ( like the AMG ones ) with rolled edges measuring 80mm x 70mm at widest points. Don't...
  9. J

    W211 chrome tailpipe tip

    Where can I buy a pair at reasonable price?
  10. lynall

    Who made this tailpipe on my car?

    Pics below i think this is some sort of low grade stainless, hence the slight rust, the bumper has been cut out with a dremel quite neatly. Original system up to this new piece has been cut and shut to get the angles right. Obviously not AMG but meant to look like its AMG. Never paid much...
  11. nicko

    clk tailpipe cover

    Hi, I am looking at replacing the black tailpipe cover/tip on my clk 230 w208 with a new chrome one. Euromerc have got some but are for a w209. Any one know if it will fit? Thanks.
  12. Howard

    AMG tailpipe trim

    I'd like one of these , but not for £70 ( or £130 brand new :crazy: ) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=260256572644&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=016
  13. Howard

    A class AMG tailpipe ...

  14. M

    Tailpipe droppings

    Hi guys, Need help!!! Have any of you seen tailpipe droppings I've been getting on my driveway. It occurs overnight. Its watery and black-green-bluish in colour but becomes powdery when dries. I'm using my exported C220 CDi ( W203 UK Spec) in the far east where its fairly humid, but...
  15. Y

    class coupe tailpipe mod

    anyonr know where i can get a cover/cowling to go over my C class coupe 220 CDI tailpipes ? Cheers yoshii :)
  16. Fady

    W211 E55 tailpipe dimensions

    Can anyone tell me what the dimensions of the tailpipes are on this car, i.e. how wide/heigh is a single oval outlet...and what the distance is across the two pipes on the same side including the small gap between them. TIA
  17. S

    part # for the amg oval tailpipe

    hi: anyone have the part # for the clk55amg (w209) oval tailpipe? cheers.
  18. P

    Amg Tailpipe Will It Fit

    Hi This is my first post and im wondering if this should of been in the bodywork section. I can get hold of a AMG Tailpipe (Part ref PART NO. B66030811) which is for MERCEDES ML320, ML430, ML270CDI, etc and was wondering if it will fit my 1994 C280 ???? Cheers for your time Paul
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