1. rosie5golf


    Can anyone explain how I get the chrome end pipes off my 320 estate please. I have tried taking out the Allen screw but still nothing moves. Do they come off or am I mistaken ? I just want to give them a good clean.:dk:
  2. P

    Keeping chrome tailpipes clean

    Any tips on keeping these clean - so far metal polish and a small toothbrush and hard work! Anyone recommend a polish to stop the soot binding to the pipes. Cheers
  3. nigel cross

    W164 AMG tailpipes

    Mercedes AMG W164 ML Exhaust Tailpipes - GENUINE | eBay Real bargin not! looking to get some new ones as mine are going rusty... not even stainless. Looks like I will have to find a good plater
  4. KurlyKris

    W211 E280 sport tailpipes

    Does anyone know how to remove the stainless tailpipe ends on the standard sport exhausts ? I want to pop mine off for a clean and polish. I`ve removed the bottom screw in the slot on the underside, but they won`t budge, may be just corroded on ? Or is there another screw or clamp that I`m...
  5. dvb247

    Chrome AMG tailpipes - can they be restored?

    My tailpipes are looking knackered, can they be restored or is it easier to buy a new set?
  6. HK33

    Cleaning Chrome tailpipes ?

    Hi , does anyone have any ideas on the best way to clean chrome tailpipes.? Ive seen an earlier post which recommended " shiny sinks " but cant find that at any supermarket. Im getting very small black dot deposits on mine which i cant remove.Any help would be greatly appreciated.:thumb:
  7. P

    Avantgarde tailpipes?

    I've noticed recently 2 Avantgarde W211 facelifts with the Sport oval tailpipes, were these also standard on some Avantgardes?
  8. smillion

    Chrome tailpipes for E55

    The chrome tailpipes on my E55 are no longer shiney - can replacements be bought or does it involve changing the whole pipe section? Marc
  9. tudu

    W203 Grilles and AMG Tailpipes

    Hi all just having a clear out. The following parts are for sale (pic's below) AMG Tailpipes (Used) £35.00 each W203 C Class Carbon Fibre Effect Grille - £60.00 (Couple of stone chips) W203 C Class MB Star Sports Grille - £55.00 Would prefer collection. Attending the Midland GTG (22nd...
  10. mickl

    cleaning chrom tailpipes

    can anyone recommend a good cleaner to use on chrome tailpipes. with the bad weather these past couple of weeks, a thick layer of road grime has built up on the tailpipe.
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