1. C

    Windscreen takes ages to demist

    Hi there Has anyone had the problem of the windscreen taking ages to fully demist on the inside. The worst part seems to be the top section on the drivers side which can take up to 10 minutes to fully clear. Had the air con regassed 2 years ago and seems to be working fine, would having...
  2. M

    Mercedes CLS63 AMG takes flight like Dukes of Hazzard

  3. The _Don

    950 HP Mercedes E63 AMG S Takes On Stock Huracan & 800 HP BMW M6

  4. M

    How long takes to receive speeding ticket from Germany?

    Drove twice to east Germany.. on second trip I got 2 red flashes within different works areas and a white flash on a fly over on a motorway... I am fretting now I can get my license suspended if I get 3 tickets at same time... (my guess I was doing 100 mph in 100 kmh zone and 70-80 mph in 60...
  5. e55nick

    The winner takes it all

    Nice car, not sure about the etching though. would it increase the value? Way overpriced IMO. Mercedes SL55 AMG currently owned by Frida from ABBA | eBay
  6. M

    Two year old kid takes father's Mercedes C-Class for a joyride

    What is this kid going to do when he is a teen? Witnesses say they spotted a silver estate car "shoot out of its parking space and hit a post", but thankfully the child didn't suffer any injuries. 4 pictures and article .
  7. grober


    ToqNa0rqUtY#t=0 Yes by a hair's breadth Conchita BratWurst sorry Wurst won last nights Eurovision Song Contest. Its as if Austrian scientists had studied old VCR tapes of ABBA and created a fiendish androgenous composite artist possessing all the qualities of Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and...
  8. F

    W209 CLK55 - takes ages to start up?

    Hi, Im gaining problems faster than i can fix them now, out the blue after working perfectly, the car takes ages to start, it cranks and cranks an then reluctantly does start, smells of fuel and sometimes with a pop from the exhaust. Im convinced its lost power now too, no where near as quick...
  9. J

    How much engine oil W211 E270cdi takes

    hi planning to do service on my w211 E270 could any one tell me how much oil i need to buy before i could do the service on my car? Regards j:wallbash:
  10. WDB124066

    Grab a Tea, Coffee or Whatever Takes Your Fancy....

    ...and take some time out to enjoy this! Racing In Slow Motion IV - YouTube
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Mercedes takes full control of F1 team

    Mercedes takes full control of F1 team Mercedes-Benz has taken back total control of its formula one team by buying the 40 per cent stake held by Aabar, the Abu Dhabi investment arm. We reported in April that Aabar, who were then already watering down their involvement with Mercedes'...
  12. M

    Bad taste takes on a new meaning!

    Not a Merc ( thankfully ) but this takes the biscuit. !!!! 1996 MITSUOKA VIEWT Grey, Auto 1.0, Jaguar style with 'walnut' dash | eBay
  13. neilz

    Low idle, takes while to start

    I've accepted I probably have to replace a fuel pump on the car, but also while I've owned the car it's always taken a while to start and often two attempts are needed. When it starts, it's shaky for a second as the revs are very low, in a second or two they rise to just under 600rpm where they...
  14. ringway

    Tanker Driver takes Misfuelling to another level.

    Dozens of motorists were left stranded at the roadside after a tanker driver’s blunder meant they filled up their cars with the wrong fuel. The driver accidentally put diesel into the petrol storage tank at a Sainsbury’s petrol station forecourt – causing around £14,000 damage. A total of 44...
  15. nick mercedes

    bbc takes clarkson off tv

    "Jeremy Clarkson QI guest spot shelved in wake of One Show rowBBC puts Top Gear host's appearance on Stephen Fry show on ice after complaints over 'strikers should be executed' comment" Jeremy Clarkson QI guest spot shelved in wake of One Show row | Media | guardian.co.uk Now if they could...
  16. Silver CL55

    CL (C215) cupholder (takes 2 cups)

    Taken from my 2002 CL, will fit all C215 CL's. Fits in cubby just behind the gear selector. As new not boxed, £40 delivered. Replies by email please not pm. [email protected] Colin.
  17. M

    Dealer takes back S55 after 2 years!

    I don’t know the full details, but a guy down the road from me has just been awarded his money back from an S55K he bought 2 years ago. He has also been awarded compensation and all costs too. He paid £30,000 (plus a part ex I think) 2 years ago at a main dealer for the car, which had full MB...
  18. The Boss

    Coachbuilt MAYBACH COUPE limited edition takes a pot-shot at the Phantom Coupe

    Seekers of splendid ostentation will soon have another option to that Phantom Coupe they've been considering, in the shape of this coachbuilt Maybach 57S with two doors and a rakish new profile. The renderings shown here have been produced by German firm Xenatech, who are pledging to build...
  19. A

    This just takes the biscuit

    Worst. Accessory. Ever. Play V8 engine noise through your car stereo — Autoblog Please discuss.
  20. aka$h

    E320 CDI takes extra turn to start

    My w210 E320 CDI has been taking longer to start since the weather has been rather chilly. If I leave it parked for a few days it is worse, anyone expirenced this before?
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