1. D

    C63S advice and facelift talk

    Hi all, my first post so apologies if I made any mistakes. I'm hoping the forum can help me. I currently own a 2016 M4 and am just approaching being in a financial situation to be able to swap it for a C63S coupe. I will be ordering one new. Two parts to the help request really. 1. I...
  2. T

    W202 - let's talk cupholders

    Morning all, I'm slowly becoming American and need somewhere to put my frappe-latte-flat-chino. My w202 is a poverty spec Classic, and has not got the, quite rare, OEM cupholder. I've put a wanted as up for one of those separately. So I'm wondering, what do other w202 drivers do? I've...
  3. T

    Talk to me about......Vitos!

    Hi all, Looking at getting a van as I am doing more and more bike trackdays so need to be able to get around and not rely on mates! Have been told by a good friend of mine the VW and Merc are the way to go for a reliable van, and that lead me to Vitos. So, please tell me, whats good...
  4. MWCLS

    Talk me out of it.

    I'll make a long story short. Short as i can. I owned for 4 year's a stunning CLS garaged wanted for nothing. Wifey surprises me with a new addition to the family due march so hastly i sell the CLS, px the wife's car to a 13 B class. Being a true MB fanboy, i knee jerked and picked up a 60k...
  5. S

    Toyota Supra - Talk to Me

    So, I'm finally (nearly) in the market for a Mk4 Toyota Supra after a stressful 6mth finding a good E55 for my dad. After rooting through a billion bull****ters from West London, Midlands and Bradford, I found a sweet 1 owner, low mileage E55K in Derbyshire. That car is now home and awaiting a...
  6. M

    S63 - talk to me

    W221 - S63. Very tempted about tickling the ownership of 1. I have an S320 right now so not a stranger to the car in general however I wanted to ask if there was anything to watch out for over and above the usual things putting aside, fuel, insurance and tyres. Any other big ticket items to...
  7. poormansporsche

    Talk to me about W203 Coupes please .....

    Alright good peoples, after having 3 W202, 5 W201, a W208 a W210 (and a token Volvo and Passat) in the last couple of years im thinking about a complete change for my daily hack. So im coming round to the idea of a W203 coupe. I have a budget of 2 to 2.5k. Im set on either the early...
  8. M

    Talk talk fibre - medium or large

    Hi I'm currently on a non fibre virgin media line. Switching to a fibre line in my new home. Would it be worth going for the large option for extra £5 a month or is it money in the pan?
  9. poormansporsche

    Talk to me about Vivaro's please ?

    alright everyone, like it says - need a slightly bigger van than my transit connect so thinking about a vivaro/trafic/primastar anyone got one / had one - reliabily / sizes / engines / real world mpg etc etc Any input appreciated probably got a max 5 grand budget so no bothered about...
  10. jamesfuller

    Lets talk 124's, man maths and persuading the O/H

    I have been facing a bit of an uneasy time/upheaval and have been mulling over a few different options. I was going to sell the 126 as I don't really have a use for it. But I don't really want too as its really nice to drive and spend time in and to be honest is hardly worth selling at the...
  11. poormansporsche

    Talk to me about Shim Pads ?????

    Alright, My W202 has the sport suspension and its dead low and as my daily commute has 150 speed humps i want to jack it up a bit so i was thinking of changing my shim pads to the thickest size (22 mm) so is there anyway of finding out what size i have on my car now and generally are the...
  12. E270 Owner

    Maclaren P1 Talk Through

    The McLaren P1 Test. On Road and Track - /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - YouTube
  13. KillerHERTZ

    Spacers - Talk to me!

    Im quiet interested in the idea of widening my rear wheels so that they are flush/nearly flush with the arches. Ill be honest, I dont really understand anything to do with alloys etc. so need some help please :D I have AMG Style III 18" alloys. 1) Can I only fit spacers to the rear? 2)...
  14. Stratman

    Happy 'Talk Like A Pirate Day'

    Avast there!! I be wishin' thee a happy Talk Like A Pirate Day Aaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!!
  15. stepheboyz

    new member CLS55 looking to talk to savman

    Hi new member here, having problems trying to get a message through to savman who i seen had a set of ASP Pulleys for sale which would help me as i need a new idler pulley, just wondering if i can get in contact thanks steph
  16. Abdul

    New car time - E55K AMG talk

    Hey guys, Long winded post this.. Only had my '01 CLK55 for a short while but tbh I want something newer with a sharper drive (I hate the W208's steering with a passion). So, I have a budget of 10k. Short list is pretty simple; W211 E55K - Super rocket ship, always loved these, I...
  17. flango

    How do I get Euro Car parts to talk to me?

    I've been trying to Contact Euro Car Parts since 17th May and still no response Tried both my local branches, we'll call you back, they never did despite me calling them back twice. I emailed them at their contact us e mail address, No reply Sent them a PM on here requesting how I...
  18. S

    Talk to me about composite doors...

    Evening all, We've got a panelled oak front door which once looked really nice but now, at least eight years old, it's pretty tired and needs replacement. Whilst I'd really like wood again the door faces due West, is often in full sunlight for many hours and goes out of shape making it...
  19. Bakili

    Autobox Please Talk To Me

    Hey Guys Bought couple weeks ago 2003 e320 cdi, love it to bits. This my first Autobox car, always had manual box. I do kinder enjoy now driving auto. I have few questions for you guys. 1. In the morning when car cold i can feel gear changes, but when drove for few miles gears change...
  20. John Jones Jr

    Talk to me about Remaps.

    I've decided I'm going for a remap (C230k) but after a good look around on the web the offerings vary somewhat putting it politely. Anything from 15BHP to a staggering 39BHP with corresponding torque increases. Who to believe, who to trust? Comments please.
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