1. markjay


    Interviewed on Radio 4 Money Box today, Ofcom Ombudsman*Sarah Daniel was asked if Ofcom would deal with complaints from customers who suffered financial loss as result of having had their bank details stolen. Her reply? 'This is not a matter for Ofcom, customers should contact their banks'...
  2. nick mercedes

    talktalk data theft

    So I get an email from Talktalk: We are very sorry to tell you that on Thursday 22nd October a criminal investigation was launched by the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit following a significant and sustained cyberattack on our website on Wednesday 21st October. The investigation is...
  3. BAZZER1

    Talktalk server down again

    Bad news Talktalk Server been down since Thursday, its now 22.10pm on Saturday and no sign of it coming back yet.:fail What a joke this TalkTalk Company is, with no consideration for their customers, will be cancelling my contract with these Jokers.:wallbash: BAZZER1
  4. Gollom

    TalkTalk shares hit £3.00

    I have some of these (not a huge number) obtained at a much lower price! So tempting to sell and take the profit! What is the consensus? Some pundits reckon £4.00 not far away :eek: Focus is on improving my pension pot (7 years away) and the dividend is pretty good on these. Short term gain...
  5. crockers


    Just had the salesman on the phone offering me a deal to move from AOL to their parent company TalkTalk. He has guaranteed me 2mb whereas I am currently getting up to 1Mb due to our distance from the exchange. I asked him how he can give me this speed when all others (BT included) say I am only...
  6. D

    TalkTalk poor service

    Wonder how many have the same problem. Charles Dunstone don't give a toss anymore. Did he sold it to AOL? It was publicised he acquired AOL. In 2003 I shudder AOL, the most dreadfull ISP. It looks like AOL in disguise behind Carphonewarehouse. After he made his millions or billions he doesn't...
  7. D

    Setup BT router in talktalk ISP

    Who has done it successfully? How do you do it? If not why not?
  8. M

    Talktalk email problems

    Is anybody else having problems accessing emails through Talktalk at the moment? It has been driving me crazy for over a week.
  9. chriswt

    TalkTalk Broadband and trying to talk to BT!!

    I’m currently with TalkTalk for my landline and broadband. Its slow and useless and so I want to change. Also I have intermittent interference on the phone which I can only assume is down to the line. In the old days you’d call BT and they’d test the line there and then and if it couldn’t be...
  10. Ian B Walker

    The dreaded TalkTalk

    I have a friend who is trying to set up this stupid Talktalk internet thingie. The software supplied wont fully load. Anyone have any tips worth sharing?
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