1. Whitey

    Under counter vs tall fridge freezer

    Hi there Another one of my 'thinking out loud' posts - feel free to ignore :D I'm in the process of creating an open plan kitchen diner and am failing to find a suitable position for our tall fridgefreezer. Other than electricity usage and having to bend down a little, what's the opinion...
  2. T

    Electronic Service Book or Tall Tail?

    Hi all, its my first post... but an interesting one i hope? just about to chop in my W219 for W204 (save the story for another day) at my local main merc dealer. Anyways this 204... when i asked to the service book the sales man toddled off and came back a few minutes later saying the...
  3. azaman

    Beko Tall Larder Fridge - Silver

    Beko TLDA521 Tall Larder Fridge - Silver 18 months old - surplus to requirements hence sale. Fridge on sale in Argos: Buy Beko TLDA521 Tall Larder Fridge - Silver at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Larder fridges. Please note the metal wine rack is missing. Other than that it is in full...
  4. ringway

    Very Tall Dave.

    It's been a while since we heared from Very Tall Dave. I'd been missing Daves posts and wondering if he was okay, so I thought I contact him and I'm pleased to say that all is well. Dave has started a new job, his two daughters are getting married this year and he has been very busy with all...
  5. Palfrem

    Tall, skinny, overpaid, bad tempered bird gives evidence in Holland

    Can anyone please explain to me why the fact that Naomi Campbell gives evidence to a war crimes tribunal is worthy of quite so much news coverage?
  6. Baron_Samedi

    How tall is VerytallDave?

    Just wondered. Nearest guess wins a smug grin for the weekend.... My guess is 6'4"
  7. A

    Went to see the Tall Ships in Liverpool Docks today

    Great day out, Took the train as heared it was going to be very busy and it was.... Some pics here http://www.flickr.com/photos/staceys/sets/72157606276698420/
  8. PhilG

    W124 for tall drivers?

    I assumed this wouldn't be a problem being built for tall Germans but I recently went to look at a E34 535i Sport and didn't really fit in it at all. I am 6'7" so can someone just reassure me I'll be okay in a W124? I usually drive a mk2 VW Golf GTI which is fine so I was surprised such a...
  9. glojo

    Tall Ships

    It is a very windy overcast morning here in Torquay, but the local web camera has been moved very slightly to take in a schooner that is anchored in the bay. From my house we can only see the usual US supply ships that take up residence for the summer and autumn. My room though only...
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