1. 230K

    Anyone near Fareham or Tamworth

    Hi Folks Anyone near Fareham or Tamworth that could take a look at either of these cars for me and give me a heads up as to whether they are worth travelling from Belfast to view?? Or does anyone know or have any experience of the sellers or the cars?? Opinions on the cars from the ads...
  2. E

    Tamworth VIP Tool Bonanza 6.10.12 – All Forum Members Welcome

    Tools Bonanza: Saturday 6 October at the Euro Car Parts, Dordon, Tamworth • Must-attend event for DIY enthusiasts & auto professionals • Huge discounts on power tools, trolley jacks & diagnostic kit • Free Parking, Free refreshments, Prize draw Euro Car Parts...
  3. M

    Mb dealers tamworth or coventry

    new to mercedes having bought from mb exeter and found service excellent to far to take for service, wondered can anybody recommend mb tamworth or coventry as i live in midlands any views appreciated
  4. S17MMA

    Any specialists in Tamworth?

    Any specialists in Blackburn? :thumb:Need one for tomorrow
  5. SSBB

    Wheel alignment specialist needed near Tamworth Staffs

    Hi all, Had four new tyres fitted and was given free alignment check, they said it needed doing so I paid them. After that the steering wheel was about 30 degrees off centre so I took it back and they done it again, this time 30 degrees the opposite way and the steering shakes at 70 mph. To...
  6. SEM

    Monarch Cars Tamworth

    Ok... although i did'nt want to take my car here for first service... because i was worried about stealership price and service reports. i have to admit i was quite pleased with the overall service from the kind staff (very nice). I got phone calls on what the mechs were doing (had srs prob at 1...
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