1. W

    Wanted 2000 ml tan drivers door card and 3rd row seat brackets

    Hi all I am after a tan drivers door card and a set of 3rd row seat brackets can any one help ? Thanks will
  2. D

    W124 (1991) Tan Leather interior

    Hi just picked up a h-plate green E300d saloon with a tan cloth interior and was wondering if anyone had a set of leather seats and door cards going? Alternatively if anyone is breaking a car with full black leather interior and wants to see everything from inside i could change everything to...
  3. S

    W126 SEC Tan sunroof headliner

    I might have to wait a while due to specificity but I NEED one of these. I have a 1986 500 SEC with palomino interior Please call zero seven 87969398 three (I do that to avoid spam) Thanks Sam
  4. 300CE

    New Genuine MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class W124 Tan Floor Mats Q384 12402

    New Genuine MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class W124 Tan Floor Mats Q384 12402 | eBay
  5. d w124

    Happy Birthday Tan

    Have a nice one mate :)
  6. R

    W163 ML Load Cover (Cream/ Tan)

    As above really. Please let me know if you have one spare. Many Thanks
  7. smile

    W208 CLK convertible with TAN interior!?

    MERCEDES CLK 320 CONVERTABLE 52 PLATE | eBay Not particularly good value for money, and a pretty crappy advert. But what drew me in was what appears to be Tan leather seats! I've never seen Tan leather on a W208 CLK before, was it an option? Or has somebody dyed these themselves? Looks nice...
  8. d w124

    Happy Birthday Tan

    Have a nice one
  9. Supacool1

    Tan leather W202

    Love this! Wish this was available in an estate! mercedes c class leather interior.tan amazing 1998 on eBay (end time 05-Apr-11 00:33:13 BST)
  10. JasM

    Happy Birthday Tan & Jim4

    Happy Birthday guys! :thumb:
  11. M

    Tan Your PM Box is full

    As per title, if anyone knows Tan or has a contact number for him please can you inform him that his PM box is full, so i have answered his question in my ad in the for sale section. Thanks, K
  12. S

    Black scuffs on tan coloured plastic, help.

    Hello All, My W210 has a tan coloured interior. Over the 8 years of it's life it has acquired black scuff marks on the interior plastic, mainly around the door sills from people getting in and out. So far I've tried most of the cleaning products under the sink, Autoglym interior shampoo and...
  13. wobbly

    Happy Birthday Tan, we nearly missed it !

    Happy Birthday to you.:bannana:
  14. 5

    BMW Z3 2.8L Red with Tan Leather 59k Miles

    Selling on behalf of my sister. Here is the link to PH: http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/sales/685982.htm Thanks for looking.
  15. pammy

    Happy Birthday Tan

    Have a great day chuck. :bannana: :bannana:
  16. guydewdney

    Anyone got a tan interior W114/5?

    Need one for the 25th in / near london. Happily pay expenses / a small fee Doesnt need to run! Doesnt need MOT (needs to roll though) Might need legal (just) tyres help! :)
  17. GRAV888

    Happy birthday Tan

    Have a great day fella:rock: :rock:
  18. phoenix_nights

    Tan Leather interior for W124 Estate

  19. High-Lo

    Happy Birthday Tan

    Have a smashing day Sir :bannana:
  20. SportsCoupeRich

    Comand, Steve, Tan and C240Sport97

    Comand is all installed in the c200k and many thanks go out to Steve the Mechanic who was brilliant, and a big thumbs up to Alfie for a great product and service. Many thanks. Also a pleasure to meet two fellow forumers....tan and C240Sport97. C240s CLK55 made me very jealous and I hope his...
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